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    Today is the first day of the Spring 40 Days for Life campaign and, would you believe, we started off with one "save!" This is how it happened in the words of Jill, our organizer.

    Not even two hours into the first day of our 40-day vigil, and we are already saving lives. I just had to share my story from this morning: I was leaving my apartment (a few blocks from Planned Parenthood) and walking down Bleecker Street to greet the prayer vigil participants before catching the 6 train to work. My 7-month old son Mark was bouncing along in the baby carrier. Before I got to the vigil site, a young woman stopped me and asked for directions to 26 Bleecker Street, an all-too-familiar address. I asked if she was going to Planned Parenthood, and told her that place was bad news. I was able to put her in touch with the Sisters of Life, and after briefly going into the abortion clinic (which the woman described as "really scary"), she texted the Sisters and made plans to meet with them this weekend. God wants us to know that we are doing His work. He answers our prayers and rewards us for being public witnesses of His Word.
    What chances are there that this woman would choose Jill to ask for directions to Planned Parenthood? Unless a heavenly being was present!

    This…[Read more]

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    Some VERY HARD suggestions to do for Lent from CatholiCity

    Your Best Lent Ever 2016
    Dear CatholiCity Citizen,
    You are going to love the list below. Our only purpose today is to help you begin your Lent well. In 2009 I wrote the most bracing, well-received and motivating Lenten encouragement in the twenty-year history of this Message. What follows is an updated 2016 version.
    Our goal is to help you commit to Your Best Lent Ever. Let us begin by asking the Holy Spirit to have Jesus speak in our hearts as we read, tens of thousands of us together:
    Come Holy Spirit, enkindle in me the fire of your love. Jesus, please speak in my heart as I read today's message! Thank you. Amen.
    Additionally, this is the message to forward to everyone in your in-box, post on Facebook, and otherwise promote through social media. You have our permission to print it out and leave copies in nearby churches.
    1. Our Conceit
    What exactly is a conceit? The fourth definition of the third meaning of the noun in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary is (drumroll): "an organizing principle"
    A Lent well-lived needs an organizing principle. May we suggest that your organizing principle be: Go. For. The. Cross. Years are A-Wastin'
    We only have so many years on this earth and wasting a Lent ends…[Read more]

  • A real #man admits when he is powerless
    "...My pride and denial stopped me from receiving the grace God wanted so bad to give me. When I finally broke free of the chains inside and allowed the Holy Spirit to fill me, I made a vow to never allow myself to stray from God. I admitted that I needed Him now more than ever and I couldn’t find true joy without Him. God holds the key to freedom and can give me the tools to become a man..." [full article:] http://epicpew.com/why-you-should-go-on-a-diy-retreat/ #men

  • Doritos! Yes or No?

  • GR8 SHOW....
    02/10/16 SUSAN TASSONE
    Susan Tassone returns to share new insights on St. Faustina and the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Hosted by Fr. Mitch Pacwa.
    CC TV-G
    Wednesday, 02/10 08:00 PM
    Thursday, 02/11 09:00 AM
    Sunday, 02/14 04:00 AM

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    Welcome, and God bless you!

  • Lenten Prayers and Meditations of Padre Pio:

    Lord Jesus, help me to walk with You each day of my life, even to Calvary. The sorrow and joy, the pain and healing, the failures and triumphs of my life are truly small deaths and resurrections that lead me closer to You. Give me the faith and trust I need to walk with You always. Amen.

    Mary, Mother of our Redeemer and our most Blessed Mother, be with us through life’s journey. As you comforted Jesus on the road to Calvary by your silent and loving presence, as you held his lifeless body close to your Immaculate Heart, as you offered the sadness and suffering that only a mother can feel when she sees the suffering of her child, look upon me as you looked at Jesus. See His marred image in my frail nature; hold me close to your mother’s heart in my moments of temptation and sin; and pray for me that I may be for God what I was created to be. A LIVING IMAGE OF JESUS. Amen.

    Lord Jesus Christ, you gather your people during this holy season of Lent, and you call us to repent and believe the Gospel. Remove any barriers that keep us from you so that we might live fully the life we received at Baptism and carry our cross each day. You have given us Padre Pio of Pietrelcina as a modern image of the Suffering Savior, our Lord Jes…[Read more]

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  • The Difficulty of "Unanswered Prayer"

    "My eyes are ever towards the Lord, for He shall pluck my feet out of the snare: look Thou upon me, and have mercy on me; for I am alone and poor. "My eyes are forever turned towards the Lord: for He shall release my feet from the snare; look upon me and have mercy on me, for I am abandoned and destitute. " — Psalm 24 (25): 15, 16.

    One thing we are taught with certainty, and which is reinforced with great emphasis during these days of Lent, is that God will always respond to the humble prayer of faith. Think of it: God commands us to pray so that He might help us. When Christ’s disciples asked of Him, "Lord, teach us how to pray," He taught them that perfect prayer of petition which is the Lord’s Prayer, the Our Father (the "Pater Noster" in Latin). To put it simply, through Our Lord Jesus we are both commanded and invited to ask of God every worthy thing — no matter how small and personal to us.

    The difficulty is, of course, as every person who struggles with the life of faith knows, prayers do not work like magic with God. We are commanded to pray and yet many of the things we pray for remain seemingly unanswered — and I stress that phrase seemingly unanswered, because, in truth, there is no such thing as an "unanswer…[Read more]

  • A gift to one and all! Please share!

  • Reflecting on Ash Wednesday:

    The general audience of Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2010 (Ash Wednesday) began by saying that Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the Lenten Journey, a journey that takes 40 days and brings us to the joy of the Lord’s Pasch. On this spiritual journey we are not alone because the Church accompanies and supports us from the outset with the word of God, which contains a programme of spiritual life and penitential commitment, and with the grace of the sacraments...the first appeal is for conversion, a word to be understood with its extraordinary gravity, grasping the surprising newness it releases. The appeal to conversion, in fact, lays bare and denounces the facile superficiality that all too often marks our lives. To repent (or convert) is to change direction in the journey of life; not, however, by means of a small adjustment, but with a true and proper about turn. Conversion means swimming against the tide, where the “tide” is the superficial lifestyle, inconsistent and deceptive, that often sweeps us along, overwhelms us and makes us slaves to evil or at any rate prisoners of moral mediocrity. With conversion, on the other hand we are aiming for the high standard of Christian living, we entrust ourselves to the living and perso…[Read more]

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