Welcome to Awestruck

We’ve devoted ourselves entirely to building a network that allows for a customized method of networking to best serve the Catholic community.

The result: an intuitive social interface which helps Catholics stay in touch with their friends and interests, deepen their faith, facilitate easy sharing of media and build connections with others around the globe.

Come Join us on an adventure to Connect the Catholic World in New Ways!

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A Social Network is like a Railway Station

“you will find in a railway station much of the quietude and consolation of a cathedral.”


“Today the social networks are one way to experience this call to discover the beauty of faith, the beauty of encountering Christ. In the area of communications too, we need a Church capable of bringing warmth and of stirring hearts”

Pope Francis World Communications Day 2014

“When I talk about the Benedict Option, I don’t mean a physical retreat to a quasi-monastic community, but rather an intentional and thoughtful retreat into narrativity, by which I mean a reclaiming of the church’s story, inculcating commitment to it within the lives of its members, in defiance of the narrative collapse around us”.

Rod Dreher

Core Features of Awestruck

Custom Streams

View a personalized stream or a public feed with additional filters

Post Your Media

Share status updates, including video, images and links


Custom search profiles and get friend suggestions

Follow and Friend

Build separate streams for friends or those you follow

Hashtag Topics

Search or create hashtags in any update or public group

Create Groups

Join or create a group and give it a hierarchical structure

Share Socially

Share anything to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or via email

Tag Friends

Tag friends in a post or comment to notify them

So, what’s Awestruck about?

We aim to foster a culture in which Catholics consciously see themselves as disciples of Jesus Christ living according to his will and as apostles sent into the world to proclaim him to others.

In doing so, we provide a friendly, online space for Catholics and those interested in the Church, to share their faith, views and experiences, as well as to network purposefully for the good of the Church.

Year of Mercy Begins in...









In a time of aggressive secularism, and in the face of large-scale moral and social disintegration, the world needs core communities of intentional disciples. The age of casual, cafeteria Catholicism has ended!

We should be worried....In Britain...

convert enters the Church, for every

Catholics that stop going to Church

We welcome Priests and Religious!

Are we building a Catholic Facebook?

No. We’re not attempting to “replace” any of the popular secular social networks but rather to help augment that experience. We do this by allowing previews of member’s blog posts to be syndicated to Awestruck and content within Awestruck to be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or via email.

Hosting Communities

We offer an open Catholic ecosystem that’s custom built for the Church with a social space for individuals or organizations to build private or public networks.

As a premium feature we build websites for those who want to be part of the larger network whilst sharing the same social toolset offered by Awestruck.

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