Rule of Saint Benedict Chapter 15 At What Times of the Year Alleluia Is Said

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    “From holy Easter until Pentecost, without interruption ‘Alleluia’ is said both with the psalms and the responsories. From Pentecost until the beginning of Lent, it is to be said every night at Vigils with the second six psalms only. On every Sunday except during Lent, the canticles, Vigils, Lauds, Prime, Terrce, Sext, and None are said with ‘Alleluia’ however a refrain is used at Vespers. The responsories are never to be said with ‘Alleluia except from Easter to Pentecost”. These are the words of Chapter 15, Rule of Saint Benedict.

    Alleluia, or Hallelyah praise Yahweh God, is a heartfelt expression of joy, and gratitude for God’s saving action, especially in Christ In the baptismal covenant each one of us dies to the old life and born to a new life. We all share in the work of Christ and benefit from the fruits. This promise is very important for monks, oblates, and all those that live a consecrated life. This life is centered on the Divine Office and liturgy. Alleluia is a praise of thanksgiving, and highlights the shift of different liturgical seasons. This Alleluia is very simple and moves us mind body and spirit.

    Alleluia and suffering are related for those of us that suffer. Alleluia is a heartfelt expression of joy and gratitude. The simple thought of saying, praying, or singing the alleluia moves us to happiness in our body mind and spirit. Alleluia changes the way we feel life, especially while we are suffering. Alleluia brings joy to our suffering as we become happy in cleaning our souls from the stains of sin. this joy and happiness from Alleluia gives us strength that we share with the Church Militant. The happiness and joy of Alleluia enables us to unite our suffering with the suffering of Jesus Christ. It is happiness and joy from Alleluia that also allows our suffeint to help the Church Suffering in Purgatory to reach its goals in the Church Triumphant in Heaven.

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