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  • Ok so I figured I could use some pointers about gardening. Seems my plants die regardless. 😞

  • I’ve currently successfully planted from seed a now very tiny pepper plant. I used some well mulched soil from my garden placed into a cardboard egg holder. I started it with eleven others, but only one has survived and thus far, thrived. It began several weeks ago, and it’s still not very big at all. It has two very green leaves even though its only millimeters tall at best. I’m thinking I should have gone with potting soil and maybe the other eleven might have fared better. Any ideas out there?

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    • I’m northwest suburbs of chicago, il. my apartment ‘features’ a very shaded outdoor ground level patio. we had a good year with peppers…not a great one but better than in the last numerous years when we’ve lived elsewhere. tomatoes were ok. i’ve never had a prolific year of anything other than marigolds, zinnias, bachelor buttons and four o’clocks. unfortunately we no longer live at where those grew best. i get nearly zero sun here-a small sliver that travels as the morning moves along. it’s a wonderful outdoor patio that is not made for a garden, that’s for sure. we bought some hanging plants that flowered well. i guess we hung’em high enough they actually got some light; with the new year will come new opportunities to try again.

  • This is a question for next year because it is likely too late to plant anything at the moment. But what are your favorite edible flowers and what time of year do you plant them. I love the look of a salad with flowers on top

  • The garden is doing amazing this year. I just planted my last seeds for a later harvest, peas, beans, lettuce, spinach and kale. Oh and I picked up pepper plants and dill from the nursery today, may pepper plants are too small and I am not sure if will get any. Today I also planted new flowers in my flower gardens and pruned and tied up 10 tomato plants. I will put in the comments what I planted this year in total if you are interested. I have 20′ by 60′ garden to play around with.

    • I planted, basil, yellow pepper, red pepper, orange peppers, broccoli, several types of lettuce, spinach, leeks, strawberry spinach, sun flowers, 3 colored bush beans, peas, swiss chars, yellow beets, red beets, Brussel sprouts, kale, 10 tomatoes plants 4 different types, zucchini, cucumber, carrots, strawberries in another location . And in another garden in the back of the house I planted 30 squash (4 different types) and pumpkin and gourdes. I am not sure how many pumpkin and gourde plants with grow because the patch was destroyed when a new water line needed to go in. I think I remembered it all.

  • Been busy this week in the garden: Wednesday mowed my lawns, Thursday planted 32 tomato plants, Friday 40 Marigolds and 24 sweet basil. Mowed my sister-in-law’s lawn tonight. Still have more stuff to plant but they’ll have to wait a few weeks as the seedlings are too little :happybaby:

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    • YIKES! You don’t have any fencing? I have a 4′ tall chickenwire fence around my gardens. It’s also dug under about 3″ to prevent (hopefully) critters from burrowing under. My main issue is deer, so we have a 5′ tall netting fence around the chickenwire, placed back maybe 3′-4′.

    • One suggestion I’ve heard is that it helps if the fence is floppy. Not tightly strung across the posts, but a little loose and higher than the posts so that it hangs a bit. Animals don’t seem to like that. It might work as I’ve had little animal pest problems (save for deer.)

  • Accomplishing many gardening tasks today. Some late, some on time, others a spontaneous “Oh, I gotta get this done!” Taking my time as it’s very hot here in western NY (NOT COMPLAINING, I haven’t complained about hot weather ever since we got 7 feet of snow over a few days a year and a half ago) and I fatigue easily in the heat/humidity. (This is why some tasks are late.)

    The basic stuff I needed to get done are completed (fence repair, installation and some weed removal.) I may get around to actual planting (tomatoes and peppers.) If that happens, I’ll be 3-4 weeks ahead of where I was last year.

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    • The jobs never end eh? I tore down a fence for the chickens 2 months ago and I am still waiting to put up the new one. The garden takes up a lot of time

  • Gardens are ready for planting (well, almost). Now if the weather would just warm up and we get past the “last freeze” so I can finish up. I did plant some frost-hardy seeds a few weeks ago, the turnips and radishes are coming up! (I do hope I like turnips, I’ve never eaten one before…)

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    • It is still snowing here. Also how do you keep the animals from eating the tulips before they bloom?

      • Not sure about the tulips; we have the same problem. Made worse by the fact that we live in the country, on acreage, next to a wild county park that’s bigger than Vatican City. Meaning: lots of wild critters. I’m not sure if this works, but I thought that perhaps dousing the bulbs in cayenne pepper may work. It does with birdseed. Otherwise, just plant daffodils (they’re poisonous and animals know that.)

        • I live high up in the mountains where the wild best out number the Humans. I have bears, long horn sheep, mountain goats, rabbits, mountain lions, mice, meses, chimp monks, squarles, mule dear, and antelope that are often guest in my back yard.

          • OK, you win! 🙂 We have the typical small critters, but I have seen fox and wolves run about the property. I saw a mink down by the pond, once.

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    Sigh, my cabbages have little holes in their leaves and I cannot find the culprit. I am not seeing any little green critters on the stems, nor did I find anything digging around in the soil. grrrr! What do you companion plant to protect your cabbages?

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    How to prune The Lenten / Christmas Rose

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