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  • “Better Men, Better Fathers”

  • Catholic men are called to play a major role in the proclamation of the Gospel of life to the pre-born child. In our Archdiocese the Franciscans of Life have a unique male-mentoring group under the patronage of Saint Joseph.

  • Anyone going to see War for the Planet of the Apes? Check out our commentary here . . .

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  • “…for some fathers, #FathersDay is just a painful reminder of the things they have done wrong, or believe they have done wrong, in raising their #children . Rather than happy memories, they ponder missed opportunities and broken relationships with their children. These #men might still deeply desire to be good #fathers , but they think they missed their chance—that time has inexorably passed them by.…It’s worth pondering that we fathers will continue to be fathers not only for our entire earthly lives, but for eternity. That gives you a pretty long time to turn things around. Regardless of the mistakes you have made in the past, you can still be a good #father . Right now. Here’s a great way to start: Pray for your children…Ultimately, it’s not the trips to Disneyland that make you a good father; it’s the time spent in prayer…” #man #parent #family

  • My #1 Lesson for Husbands and Fathers in Christ: Take the Benedict Option at Home – Catholic Family Men

    My #1 Lesson for Husbands and Fathers in Christ: Take the Benedict Option at Home

  • Why Traditional Catholic Worship Appeals to #Men “…objectivity is what makes the Catholic religion more attractive to men than other forms of worship. This is because Catholic worship is liturgical…‘Just say the black and do the red’ appeals to the way men are wired in a way that more free-wheeling, emotional, and subjective worship does not. This is why the feminization of the liturgy is so unattractive to men. When well-meaning liturgists and priests feel they have to make everything in the liturgy emotionally relevant and ‘meaningful’ to everyone, many men switch off… Traditional Catholic worship, on the other hand, is by the book and objective. Men perceive it as being dependable and rock solid—not emotional, subjective, and flighty. Does that mean that a man’s emotions are completely disengaged in Catholic worship? Not at all, it’s just that certain more masculine feelings are likely to be engaged through the objectivity, reliability, and established routine of Catholic worship…” #Man #Male

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    • “In Catholic worship a man is more likely to experience the emotions of loyalty and nobility that come with commitment to a set and objective form of worship. Within traditional Catholic worship a man is more likely to experience strong emotions of love and admiration for a religion that has withstood the tests of time and persecution. With the high expectations of Catholic liturgy, orthodoxy and morality, a man is more likely to feel the emotions of solidarity with his brothers and determination to persevere in the face of hardship. The objectivity of the liturgy along with the traditional accouterments of Catholic worship help men access the proper apprehension of timeless beauty, truth, and goodness. In this way his heart opens in awe and wonder at the goodness of God and the richness of the Catholic faith.”

  • Making Excuses—rather than taking responsibility;
    The first lame excuse: “The man said, ‘The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me from the tree, and I ate’…And the woman said ‘The serpent deceived me, and I ate.’” Genesis 3:12-13
    “…As men, ownership is a profound necessity … we have to grasp ownership at every level of our work. If we want fruitful marriages, we need to be all in with no excuses. If we want to be a good father, we need to be all in with no excuses. With Christ our Lord, we have to be all in with no excuses… We must take ownership in the areas/relationships of our life our Lord has entrusted to us. No more excuses. No more shuffling off responsibility…Own your actions, thoughts and words. If we as Christian men do this, imagine the repercussions. Picture the culture change that will happen if we once again live responsible lives…and the lesson that will teach to our children.“ full article:]

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  • Work, Tools and Being a Man “ #Men have a natural desire to rule, to have dominion.  Despite petty quips to the contrary, masculine dominion is not domination – it is service.  To be #manly is to be fatherly, to be #fatherly is to not only plant the seeds of life, but to bring them up to maturity.  Your life, in fact, is spent for that end.  Aquinas said this is fundamentally why God is #Father , because He plants and perfects life…This is why we speak of man as a co-creator with God…Man uses tools to accomplish the tasks of his dominion and to connect to his world.  Think of Joseph’s hammer, Moses’ staff, and David’s sling…The physical nature of work, including the use of tools, puts us in contact with reality and the transcendent world…The difference between technology in the form of tools and modern technology in the form of data, amusement, and computing is the difference between exercising dominion versus being passively receptive and dependent…This is why it is so essential that there be some home-based activity that involves tools…If you lack the skill and experience to use tools – learn to!…”

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    • We have a saying in our home: “You can learn do do anything on YouTube.” However, I’ve learned that one must watch MANY YouTube videos to learn proper techniques for certain tasks, because many videos show incorrect methods. For example, about 6 years ago I re-flashed the brick chimney of my house with copper flashing. Many of the videos showed this job being done incorrectly, but it only was possible for me to ascertain this after watching MANY videos and reading many articles written by professional brick masons and roofers.

  • “To all of those who thought we could scrape by without much fuss—continuing to live quietly in the midst of the world, living our Christian faith without any conflict or much attention—that time has passed. In the face of the destruction of the family and a myriad of other pressures, even as trite as making copies, we have to live differently from the world. And we have to begin by making simple changes to our own life, to break out of worldly habits, to stop going along with the culture, to stop making excuses…’ God has created me to do Him some definite service. He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another. I have my mission.’…To not be of the world is to be focused on a great good beyond one’s own self…” [full article:]

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  •  ”…This distillation process in friendship could be called reconciliation: that painful work whereby relationships dissolve in the vapors of conflict only to return to life in the two-fold act of apology and forgiveness.  Living in a post-Christian world, most know this as an apparent good and an obvious truth: but living in a post-Christian world, most never attempt to actually live authentic reconciliation.  The consequences of this age are tragic and all too visible; but anyone who has truly undertaken this work knows what a cross it can be. ‘In Christ God reconciled the world to himself’ (2 Cor 5:19).  The Greek word for reconciliation, καταλλάσσω, literally means ‘towards a transformation.’…Reconciliation is the death of the ego for the life of the other.. In a culture that is obsessively reminding itself how good and special we are, only the Christian has the audacity to say ‘my love fails.’…”[full article:]

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  • Leisure: The Basis of Manliness
    “…Most arguments between spouses are not about the particulars, but this very question: am I seen, known, heard, loved? Am I worth it? Consider this in the many instances when the gaze, the seeing, of Jesus is described… The loving and creating gaze of God is the very thing that holds the world and us in being…Therefore, leisure, not work, is at the core of #manliness , because leisure helps us see and love, because it stops from activity to ‘behold’ – to hold a thing before us and consider, ponder, and wonder at it…” [full article:] #Men #Man

  • Attend my Masses at National Shrine of Our Lady Help of Christians, Canungra, Queensland, Australia(worth a look on Google).Managed by Monks of Order of St.Paul the First Hermit, custodians of Miraculous Picture of Our Lady, the Black Madonna, in Poland. Just had a new Prior appointed, Father Albert(cant spell or pronounce his Polish surname).Last Prior was promoted Bishop to a wild and woolly Diocese in New Soth Wales. I reckon he\’s just the bloke to straighten it out.Dope, booze, violence, you name it!A couple of miracles have happened there, unexplainable cures of seemingly incurable medical situations, very little info comes from Shrine re these. We get a fair dinkum straight down the line Mass there, no frills, no bits added, or taken away. Hope anyone got this far, found it a mite interesting, Robert Andreas

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