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  • “When it comes to #pornography use and marriages, there are several myths that need to be dispelled. Doing so can improve a couple’s ability to heal and restore their personal lives and their marriages. Here are eight common myths I’ve found in the couples I’ve worked with over the years…Having a healthy marriage does not mean going back to the way things used to be. It means forging a new and healthy marital relationship. While this can be work, it can also be exciting as the couple works together to create the #marriage they’ve always wanted!”

  • “…The word ascetical comes from the Greek word to exercise or train and St. Paul frequently makes reference to the Christian as an #athlete —striving, training, and struggling (1 Cor 9:27; 2 Tim 4:7-8). Growing in #virtue requires all the same things that adding 20 pounds to your back squat does. Forming yourself to be willing to do the difficult and arduous things associated with a barbell will help you do the difficult and arduous things with your wife, your children, your parish, your prayer life…’whether you eat or drink, or whatsoever else you do, do all for the glory of God.’ (I Cor. 10:31)… the process of becoming a stronger lifter helped me understand the process of growing in the way of Christian perfection. Slow. Ordinary. Work…”

  • “…There’s no doubt there’s been an attack on #masculine identity that the Church itself doesn’t always know how to respond to. I think there have been a lot of beautiful things done on the genius of women, but what about the #men ? What about the rest of us? There’s been plenty of stuff done on the priesthood, but that’s 1% of us. So “Rise” is about reclaiming our identity, who we are as men in Christ. And, more importantly, it’s about taking on that great battle over masculine identity by simply living out who we are intentionally every day…”

  • “…St. Pope John Paul II …Prophetically, he also wrote: ‘…the communications media can be used to proclaim the Gospel or to reduce it to silence within men’s hearts.’…we see evidence that technology is silencing the Gospel in men’s hearts, more specifically, in teens’ hearts. In addition…a sudden and rapid increase in dissatisfaction, depression and suicide among teens, which starts at about the same time the majority of Americans owned a smart phone (2011/2012)…Technology, especially smart phone usage, is linked to higher rates of loneliness, unhappiness, depression, and suicide risk…10% of Americans are using antidepressants compared to 5% in the mid-1990’s…Heavy users of social media are 45% more likely to believe it’s important to own expensive material things…Today’s teens are not only the most miserable group in American history, they are also the least religious…they have the highest percentage of atheism compared to all prior generations…it has been done through the erosion of Christianity, the erosion of family and the din and ding of technology…technology has caused teens (and many adults) to become more isolated, not more connected…What can we do about this?…advice…”

  • Recovering what it means to be #men and especially how to live as Christian men of substance and virtue, radically serving the Church and her people, especially the weak

  • “…The secular view of sexuality has resulted in lives torn apart by addictions, serial infidelity, rampant sexually transmitted diseases, increased abortions, exploitation of minors, and an increase of human trafficking. While the people who promote this view of sexuality may feel they are enlightened and helping society, they are really plunging it deeper and deeper into hopelessness and despair. As Catholic #men , we need to be more vocal about God’s plan for healthy sexuality. We need to show how following God’s plan will lead to a life of true joy and happiness. We need to let our culture see that what they believe is outdated and restrictive is really the path to healthy sexuality….”

  • “…it’s controversial to say this but…this is all because women are different than #men , with different desires and passions expressed in what professions they choose and how they pursue them…We make a mistake as a Church when we think that because priests are men, the Church has men’s formation all covered…”

  • “…A father wants to fight this force, because it is displacing him as a loving and active authority, and weakening him in other ways, but knows not where to wield a weapon. That unrecognized force is the technological revolution…the replacement of traditional sources of meaning and purpose with the meaning and purpose of technology itself…consider how quickly people pull out a phone. Not only do they use it to “look up” anything they need, to find their way somewhere without need for a map, but they also quickly translate any meaningful experience through it by snapping a picture. We look to our devices for meaning and get meaning from our devices…It’s hard for us to imagine a thing existing meaningfully and not “shared” through technological means…the primary thing replaced by machines are humans and the communities they inhabit…Those identity-giving relationships are forged, between generations for example, in the practical and sacred work of a real place – chopping wood, constructing sheds, serving customers (neighbors), learning a craft…Watching TV together is not the same as shared work and leisure…To counter this is going to require creative and imaginary work…”

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  • “…Through normal development, everyone develops their own unique set of sexual attractions… #Pornography can take this developmental process in an unhealthy direction. It can lead men to develop #sexual attractions that are unhealthy and even violent… This is why avoiding pornography is so important, but so is pursuing healthy relationships and being educated on God’s plan for sexuality…” ( #Porn has contributed enormously to the normalization of the #LGBTQ agenda.)

  • “…So what is toxic masculinity? Let’s begin with what it is not. It is not the lack of femininity in a man. Any attempts to make a man effeminate will likely exacerbate the problem rather than solve it. (The Catholic teaching of complementarity is the better understanding.) Therefore, sifting through the various definitions offered, the common thread across all definitions seems to be the perpetration of sexual violence against women. When a man corrupts his conscience to the point that he views a woman as a sexual object, his masculinity is in fact toxic….Many men have justified themselves against any guilt by misinterpreting Sacred Scripture…”

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    • Agreed. But being me, I won’t leave it at that.

      Another point, perhaps related: what goes wrong in us, male and female, often and maybe always, is shifting emphasis from ‘us’ to ‘me.’

      Take the Genesis ‘tree’ story, for example. The serpent convinces Eve to disobey God, Adam does the same thing – and then tries blaming his wife and God. One of many ways to see that is both Adam and Eve forgetting or ignoring their relationship with God, and then Adam trying to blame others for his own mistake.

      Then there’s his name, which is hilarious in context; but not in my language. ( )

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  • “…Just before World War II, it’s estimated that 10% of engagement rings contained a diamond. Thanks to widespread and targeted advertising by the diamond companies, diamonds were present in about 80% of engagement rings by the beginning of the 21st Century. The New York Times reported a few years ago that U.S. couples spent upwards of $10 billion on diamond engagement and wedding jewelry in 2012. Yet we still have divorce, affairs, and unhappy marriages. Diamonds are an elitist sham, artificially foisted into our cultural mores. Worst of all, the diamond mining industry is fraught with corruption, slavery, and horrible human rights abuses…”

  • A Two Step Plan to Stop Checking that Phone

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