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  • “…we find people, some of them serious and well-informed, who call themselves Catholic #socialists …there are good and intelligent people who believe these things. Why is that?… Life is unfair… justice seems to call for the remedy to be applied…it can seem right to make the remedy a matter of routine backed by public authority. After all, shouldn’t a government establish justice? Apply this line of thought again and again and you end up with a comprehensive bureaucratic control of social life for the sake of fairness…it’s easy to find serious problems with #socialism …When it fixes one thing it deranges others…and thereby deprives people of responsibility for their situation. It also concentrates power, supplants autonomous institutions, like family and religion…When government controls everything, nothing controls government…since the purpose of the state is to enforce those principles, they will become in effect an established and intolerant religion…And people accept the democratic claim that action by the state is action by the people…”

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  • The Curious Case of the Protestant Bible

  • O bone, O dulcis, O begnigne Jesu (O good, O sweet, O kind Jesus), te deprecor per illum tuum sanguinem pretiosum (I beseech Thee by Thy #PreciousBlood ), quem pro nobis miseris effundere dignatus es in ara crucis (which for us wretches didst deign to pour out upon the altar of the Cross): ut abjicias omnes iniquitates meas (that Thou wouldst cast away all my sins). Heinrich Schutz (1585-1672) @sacredheart8

  • Irony of 1960s Catholic Liberals: insisted Paul VI was merely stating ‘personal opinion’, not papal authority, when his ‘Humanae Vitae’ invoked doctrinal Tradition—but Liberals invoked papal authority to support Paul VI’s suppression & replacement of patristic liturgy: “…Blessed John Henry Newman feared that a definition of papal infallibility, which doctrine he personally believed and understood as an example of development of dogma, would be misunderstood and would become a source of great mischief in the Church. It turned out the that definition of the dogma of Papal #Infallibility at Vatican I is quite narrow…Paul VI thought that he had the authority as pope to ban the #Latin Roman Mass of Tradition and to impose on the Church a (1969) liturgy of New-Church… which was not the product of organic development but rather a product of the same crowd who undermined Paul VI on ‘ #HumanaeVitae ’…The crisis in the Church for the past fifty years is a crisis of faith. There is a crisis of #authority because of the crisis of faith…”

  • Nationwide Survey for the #SSPX & Angelus Press, make the currently available programs more accessible to the faithful throughout America.
    The deadline for taking the survey is this Friday, July 13th.

  • “That #masculinity and #femininity are important realities and not merely social constructs seems clear. Yet when we try to nail down what exactly these realities are, the social constructs often become the focus of our discussion. We end up discussing poor #caricatures of #masculine and #feminine based on a laundry list of non-essential qualities…The problem of course is focusing on accidentals instead of essentials. What is the essence of the complementary qualities of masculine and feminine?…”

  • A brief history of 20th century eugenics “Pope Francis recently commented on the practice of prenatal testing to identify developmental defects in utero, which, if positive, typically results in abortion: ‘The murder of children. And to have a nice life, they do away with an innocent.’…”

  • Millennials reverse 1960s-70s iconoclastic “wreck-ovations” with the slow return of polychrome church interiors

  • “…I once commented to a Benedictine monk about the persistence of the Benedictines. Time and again, I observed, they have been uprooted by persecution, political upheavals, natural disasters, and religious wars, but they continue to appear, returning to the historic ruins to rebuild and restore the ancient way of life. He smiled and said, “We’re like weeds. We come back.”…What is it about #ClearCreek and #Quarr and the other #Benedictine monasteries that keep bouncing back? Very simply, it is a life that is obedient to the wisdom of the ages, deeply rooted in Western civilization and yet vitally alive. The three vows of the Benedictine monk—obedience, stability, and conversion of life—are put into gear by the three tools: reading, prayer, and work. In this way the monks do not merely study the tradition. They live it…in our own ways, we can follow Christ in obedience, stability, and conversion of life, making it real by paying attention to prayer, cracking the books in solid study, and rolling up our sleeves in the honest, hard work of rebuilding what has fallen into despair and disrepair.”

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    Just as Lazarus was called out of the tomb after four days, so too can an entire community be resurrected to life after forty years: A Short Story “…’When you were named Prior over twenty years ago, nothing really changed except your place in choir and in the refectory. All these years you have been so inconspicuously regular and utterly self–effacing that we hardly noticed you, but today, dear Father, we need you. Will you be our Father?’… Very quietly the old man answered, ‘Be it done unto me according to thy word’. Dom Wilfrid stepped forward, led Father Simeon to the abbot’s chair, and placed the pectoral cross around his neck… inspired by Father Simeon’s quiet confidence and regular observance, even at eighty–nine years of age, they began to restore long–abandoned traditional practices… five men in their twenties came to Winkworth for a weekend retreat. Of these, three returned for several subsequent visits and, after meeting with Father Simeon, asked to enter the community…”

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    “When I told the story of hero priest Father Ragheed #Ganni to summer camp students at Benedictine College last month, I had to pause to regain my composure. “I had no idea,” said a student in the back. “And sometimes I complain that I don’t feel like going to Mass!” Now, 11 years after his death as a martyr, the sainthood cause for Father Ganni has been introduced…”

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    On our 35 minute drive to Sunday Mass, my wife & I pass a Home Depot—with full parking lot. I sometimes wryly comment how nice it is that Home Depot allows sunrise services in their stores on Sunday mornings… “…The Catholic Church has consistently taught that Sunday belongs to the Lord, and the #LordsDay should be centered on the Lord and the family. Every Sunday, Christ’s faithful come together in church to hear the Word of God and partake in the Eucharist, calling to mind the Passion and Resurrection and thanking God who “in his great mercy gave us a new birth to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” (1 Pet. 1:3) In Homily 16, entitled On the Lord’s Day, Eusebius of Alexandria, a fifth-century ecclesiastical writer, explained why the Lord’s Day belongs to the Lord only – not to work…In 1891, in his Encyclical Rerum Novarum, Pope Leo XIII expressly asked for legislation that would ensure Sunday rest…”

  • “…archaeologists found the oldest icons to date of St. Peter and St. Paul. In the small catacombs of Santa Tecla, located on Via Ostiense in Rome, 500 meters from the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, archeologists found the icons…Archaeologists have known about this cubicle since 1720, but the icons were completely covered by a thick layer of lime, which made it impossible to detect that there could be any paintings there. They were discovered using new archaeological techniques based on the use of lasers…It is impressive indeed to see how early Christians could differentiate the faces of each one of the apostles with such precision. As can be seen in the images in the slideshow gallery, the way in which the apostles are represented iconographically hardly changes throughout history.”

  • “What kind of presence are Christians supposed to have in the world around them? What kind of influence are they supposed to have on the cultural life of the community to which they belong?…the question of Christianity in the world comes down to this: the willingness of Christians, in spite of all opposition and setbacks, to continue patiently and courageously in bearing witness to Christ and to his Gospel, in living according to his teaching, and in translating this teaching as well as they can into the rhythms and structures of everyday life—not excluding, but neither being identified with or collapsed into, politics and political society…the vocation of the Christian is to seek to transform the world by the energetic exercise of moral and theological virtues, not in pure solitude, as a hermit might do, but in society, and as a public activity and witness…”

  • 21 Quotes by Margaret #Sanger that reveal the wicked roots of the #abortion movement and expose the twisted, racist, anti-Catholic eugenics behind the present day culture of death

  • “…most people say “I hate” and they really mean “I really, really, don’t like” but giving voice to hate gives it life. We as good men and good Catholics must banish hate, not only from our hearts but from our vocabulary. Now I can already hear it coming “But I don’t hate people, I hate the ideas, ideals, or choices that people make.” Well, stop it. Instead of feeling hatred at ideas, actions, or people, try feeling pity or empathy. I believe all the anger and hatred in our nation could easily be diffused if we took the time to see why others don’t agree with us (this in no way means we must change or soften our beliefs). I do not hate pro/anti-abortion, pro/anti-gay marriage, pro/anti-feminist, pro/anti-immigration, etc, etc., but rather I feel immense pity for those who do not share in the Truth shared by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…The real crux of this article is this: God is Love. God defeats The Enemy with Love. Hate is the weapon of Satan, not against your enemies, but against you. It was not hatred that caused the Sacrifice of Calvary, but Love. When we give in to hate, we give in to Satan…”

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  • “…Catholics who are serious about their spiritual life must consider daily #prayer their number one priority. After all, St. Paul says, “Pray at all times and he wouldn’t have said this as a working and religious man if it weren’t possible. And there are several ways to go about it…be prayerful in our daily activities. What might this look like? We can be prayerful in our meals by being considerate of our body as a temple, eating healthy, in due proportion, and with sacrifice. We can be prayerful with our profession by seeking Christian ethos and high levels of perfection to glorify God. We can be prayerful in our relaxation and leisure by being grateful, enjoying peace, and sharing our joy with others. We are prayerful in our daily activities when we acknowledge the desires of God and remain open to his direction for our daily life…take the time for focused prayer time. Make a goal of twenty minutes per day…”

  • A defense of priestly #celibacy “…This cultural witness is particularly needed today in the devastating wake of the sexual revolution which, through permissive #divorce laws, the prevalence of contraception and extramarital sexual relations, legalization of abortion, and the epidemic of internet pornography, has taken an enormous toll on our social fabric and damaged countless families and individual lives, especially the most vulnerable – the unborn, young children, and adolescents. Standing athwart the relentless advance of this permissive ideology – which I believe explains its fascination among secular reporters – is priestly celibacy…intentional celibacy for the Kingdom is a reminder that true love is found not primarily in sexual activity but in the life of charity, which unites us to God and to one another and which alone satisfies our common yearning for love…Eliminating the celibacy requirement for priests is not the right way to address sexual transgressions among the clergy…”

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  • “…in practice, #SolaScriptura (Scripture alone) ….teaches that it’s not just sufficient to draw out principles in the Bible — one most also cite its explicit statements in order to justify a belief or practice…Consubstantial, or homoousios in the Greek, cannot be found in the New Testament. Neither can these words: Trinity, person, Incarnation, or redemption… the early Christians never envisioned the magnificently opulent cathedrals of the baroque era or the exquisitely regimented ritualism of the Tridentine Mass, but even the most low-church Protestant worship service would…have been just as alien to the believers of St. Paul’s day…we only read about Christians meeting in other people’s houses…where in the New Testament do we see people praying to Jesus?…Where in the Bible is Sola Scriptura proclaimed?…2 Timothy 3 does not say… Scripture is the only source of authority…‘Scripture’ usually refers back to the Old Testament…under what authority are the books of the New Testament recognized as Scripture?…”

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