Poems by Catholic Friends

  • Dante!! :love:


    As I walk delightedly under the orange sky
    I arrived to a fenland that one must flounder
    Would you lend me your transportation to lie?
    As a return I have friendship to offer

    If you can appreciate the lushes green field
    And the innocent birds chirping on trees
    By contemplation does contentment you yield
    Let me beside you to enjoy comfort breezes

    Can you see the beauty in little things?
    Creatures, events and our surrounding
    And not let life be led by shillings
    May joy and gladness of heart accompanying

    Should your preference is often pardoning
    Though remember to prevent reoccurrences
    Accepting that flaws are Man’s shortcoming
    Yours is satisfaction and good acquaintances

    If your philosophy of contentment is simplicity
    And joyful gratitude generating from within
    Illuminating and sharing with much sincerity
    I pray that in this life you’ll find a true loving friend


    Someday my journey against time will end
    At least according to the human perception
    Then will begin the era of no end
    Life in eternity I shall get on

    Yet I don’t know how my eternity will be
    I have not always walked the righteous path
    I’m taking about falling and failing daily
    The staggering amount of wrong deeds encompass

    This is the same song I’ve been chanting repeatedly
    The universe knows who’s a big complainer
    Yet when graces received I often toss unashamedly
    Lord, have mercy on me an ungrateful sinner

    At times I worry if my ‘fortune’ will run out
    Since I always rub against the heavenly aide
    I’m at bliss when my troubles are sorted out
    Then will push God’s light out of my life without fret

    This kind of foolishness can’t go on forever
    I’m but a slow learner so reluctant to adjust
    A good priest once have given me the answer
    “Men are inclined to seek pleasure over grace”

    My Guardian Angel knows how much I received
    He knows also how often I misuse
    God has lend me a lot of gift
    Someday He might ask how I have I use

    This time I’m not sure how to end this song
    Because the lyrics and complains had been repetitive
    I’m guilty of so much enormous wrong
    Its sucks bad, it terribly does and my own prerogative
    But Lord, have things Your Way and help me…[Read more]


    Who is that woman clothed in the sun?
    She’s gazing at me and not once looks away
    Who is she in her arms holds a Son?
    Always everywhere, watchful and pray
    Why does she watch kindly and fond?
    I hear her utter my name and that of my family

    The Child in her arms looks at mankind with pity
    His Heart is ablaze, so loving, kind and caring
    He hast to respond to all the woman’s plea
    Raises His right hand and gestures a blessing
    I can’t comprehend why she radiates similar luminosity
    He seems the source of the ray she emits whole in being

    But if I’ve learned something from it all
    He will do whatever she asks for
    Who is the Child so powerful and able?
    Nothing passes without He permits so
    I saw the devils grinning to beat a human soul
    The Child allows the soul to make its own choice

    I saw the Mother interceding for the poor soul
    With loving looks the Child then extended His hand
    A sparkling light came pouring above the soul
    It’s so attainable if only it opens the door in
    Strange, since the soul haven’t even made a call
    Yet the glow has already waited by the entrance

    Such a pity that the soul denies the light an entry
    Suddenly I realised I most often do the same thing
    Who is this woman with a Child aiding for free?
    She mentions many causes and names whilst she’…[Read more]


    If I could once more explain it to you
    Of the subject on wisdom unanswered
    A matter not every soul knew
    No, you don’t yet know why combust must

    If you know how frail we human are
    Victims of evil intelligence
    Raked emotionally and fooled in mental clare
    No, not many has advanced in conscience

    That is why the flame is a must
    Since we can never remain in plateau
    Either we rise above the smoke or burn as dust
    It shall ever take place out of the blue

    Life is thus much unexpected
    Being ‘roasted’ alive may signify God’s blessings
    For that is how merits are collected
    Amidst all pains we end up choosing to sing

    I am no wiser than any of you
    Not even wealthy in any way
    But breathing the same air as you
    This is just my understanding of the ‘why’.


    Cancer! Breast cancer!
    Nightmare of a young woman
    Cancer merciless

    Grandmother have died
    Mother and sister have died
    Cancer merciless

    Young woman afraid
    Fated death is upon her
    Cancer tradition

    Depressed and anxious
    Life has not been very fair
    Anger in her heart

    Firm rooted belief
    It thus inevitable
    Life the same way ends

    One day leaving home
    To hated job o sad soul
    But road accident

    Little did she knows
    She should celebrate her life
    Death’s visit unknown

    Young woman lifeless
    She has been for many years
    Cancer never came


    Little plastic tank
    Occupied by golden fish
    Merest amusement

    A car passing by
    The driver a gentleman
    Watchful for children

    Walking old lady
    With colourful umbrella
    And some grocery

    Shaded veranda
    I am sitting on a chair
    A mind observing

  • THE CORRODED HEART OF A SINNER (written during a depressive period and horrendous personal spiritual situation in the last months before my father’s death)

    If I must compare the condition of my soul
    It must be likened to a collapsing cave
    Once, washed and formed by water and mineral
    Before crawlers, bats, birds and dung have
    Once was mere earth and created by the Eternal
    Now stained with foreign matters, it’s a grave!

    The hollow in me is dark and wet
    Nobody must enter without protection
    For its cracking walls and floors can upset
    Dangerous to gentle and compassionate men
    What mess! I don’t know how to clean it!
    And noises abound I am frighten!

    They say radiance waits outside of the cave
    If we can give it a way of entrance
    But deep in the dark cluttered soul have
    I need someone to lead my conscience
    Self-sustainability proven unsafe
    Full of wildness and invasive inconvenience

    At last! It must search for the Creator again
    The One whom the cave arrogantly cast out
    Pity! Pity! Pity! I have lost much gain
    Since the Master’s door have been rudely shut
    My sense and ears have refused to reason
    O gloomy hollow cave and guano hill dirt
    Cry out! Cry out! Beg the Light to enter again
    Let Light! Let Light to manifest His might

  • RAINY NIGHT IN THE SOUL (written during a depressive period and horrendous personal spiritual situation in the last months before my father’s death)

    The mystics speak about ecstasy
    And I’ve had a glimpse of the arrow
    Until my days and nights gone busy
    The Divine Lover sadly looks with furrow
    I must have knowingly offended Mercy
    For peace is replaced with a hollow
    Suddenly ignorance walks to jeopardy
    At dreadful time I initially did not know

    I have not decided to remain in muteness
    Though I admit to be the one who started
    Now that the Divine Lover hides His glance
    I’m left to wonder what dangers may prod
    Desperation got me repeating phrases
    And He imposes His silence justified
    I must not go too far and blasphemous
    To say that Mercy must have abandoned

    The mystics said that quietude is a teacher
    The ear of the soul must sensitively listen
    But parched and imposed I begin to ponder
    Why this current intense purgation?
    Is this merely ‘Faithlessness the Perpetrator’?
    Or truly a consequence to many transgression
    Perhaps mere impatience, I, a traitor
    My temple is hovered by many question

    I do not know the answers to a lot
    But why must we want to know all reasons?
    Temptation is thrilled in this little test
    It tries to cloud my numinous sense
    I fear that this may not even b…[Read more]

  • (God’s love and mercy can save even those outside of the church. He who is all powerful must not be contented to our limited ideas of His power and being. When I thought about certain people outside of the church, e.g. Rabia al-basri, I become confronted with my own commitment level with God in all area. I even thought “she is even more ‘Christian’ and God-loving than I do”.)


    We have thought that it\’s an impossibility
    To admire and learn from the strange tents
    Their pots are corrupted and defiled sadly
    Far from the waters of the Healer\’s glance
    But is it a truth or a confused reality?
    Made me rethink of the Catechism contents
    Then I found that salvation is possible to the weedy
    Though It is wielded by restrictive conditions

    If a weedy stranger have been intimately chanting
    \”Hell for me, heaven denied, if I don’t love Thee for Thee\”
    Who am I to persecute the spirit yearning
    I shall leave the judgment and verdict to Thee.

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