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  • This makes me very thankful and happy. After twentysix years of happy marriage, my wife has enrolled in Brown Scapular confraternity and now wears the cloth Scapular with pride(pride meaning proud to be a Holy Roman Catholic!).

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  • My Brown Scapular is getting a little ragged and I\’m wondering if I should replace it or wait until it practically falls off me? Has anyone had to replace their scapular? I know you shouldn\’t just throw it away, but either burn it or bury it. I\’m interested in knowing.

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    • joseph as I understand it, wearing it till it falls off or falls to pieces is all part of the Scapular experience. But it should never be simply discarded, set out in the trash. It should be burnt, or buried in a special place, and I know that sometimes people bury it literally soaked in Holy Water. I have heard of someone who had kept all his old tatty Scapulars that he has worn in his life and he had them buried with him when he died. I know that one does not need to be reinvested with the Scapular, because once is sufficient for a lifetime garment, but I we Catholics love to have our sacramental things blessed. I have often blessed the new Scapular for people, with a simple blessing after Mass, even though it is not necessary, but people just find that consoling.

      • Thanks Fr. Craig. That’s what I thought. I had no intention of discarding my scapular but was going to keep it somewhere safe. I like the idea of being buried with them. One other question I have is that I read somewhere that those invested with the scapular are required to pray the Little Office of The Blessed Virgin. I usually pray the Morning Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours but since I found out this information, am wondering if I am doing the right thing and thereby maintaining my investiture. Do you know? Thanks and God Bless.

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    This Mexican Movie about a true Story of the Scapular during the Mexican Revolution/Cristero War is a real testimony made film about the prayer of a mum for her 3 children and the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, I hope someone can find it in English too, strong but to the point. Blessed Mother of Mount Carmel, pray for thy children, Amen.

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    The Scapular Devotion of Pope John Paul II

    Carmelite Spirituality | Mary & the Brown Scapular | Pope and Carmelite


    Pope John Paul II had a great devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and as such faithfully wore a scapular (notice him wearing his scapular in the above photo).

    He is reported to have worn a brown scapular since he was a boy, and he insisted that doctors not remove it during surgery following the assassination attempt on his life in May of 1981.

    Father Mariano Cera, a Carmelite priest, told Inside the Vatican magazine: “Just before the Holy Father was operated on, he told the doctors, ‘Don’t take off the scapular.’ And the surgeons left it on.” The Holy Father credited the miraculous preservation of this life to the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    In his message to the Carmelites at the 750th anniversary of the bestowal of the scapular, Pope John Paul II said those who wear the scapular — or habit, as he called it — dedicate themselves to the service of Our Lady for the good of the whole Church.

    “The sign of the Scapular points to an effective synthesis of Marian spirituality, which nourishes the devotion of believers and makes them sensitive to the Virgin Mother’s loving presence in their lives. The Scapular is essen…[Read more]

  • A very dear friend and I are considering making some special ‘Fatima Centenary Scapulars’ for the 100th Anniversary of Fatima next year. The person who will be making them, has told me that the material used has to be a woven wool material. Yet most of the Scapulars today, seem to have a felt backing. Although it is wool, my friend is a real traditional ‘do or bust type’ and considers only two ways of doing something. The right way and the wrong way. For this reason, we won’t go near felt, because although woollen, it is made by wetting the wool fibres and then pressing them together under heat. So it is pressed wool not woven. So back to Google #1.

    I came across this superb article, which seems to be the most definitive that I can find. It is dated 1945 and it is to do with the traditional understanding of the Indulgence which pertains to the Scapular. It is so far, the most authoritative I can find, although many of the Carmelite pages say ‘wool fabric.’ @patty and Karmeli, @catholicteacher, maybe you can advise us further here? But nonetheless, this is a great article and a very comprehensive view of the Scapular. It is a great resource to anyone who wishes to know more about the Scapular.…[Read more]

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    • Hello Mary Beth- nice t o have you on board. Sorry for the late welcome, but we are all just waiting to hear your Scapular Testimony! What a MOMMA! we have!

  • Two weeks ago, (Sunday 10th) I presented my Confirmation Class to the parish and on that Sunday, enrolled my ‘Young Ones’ into the Scapular. Earlier this year I told them about it and then quietly stood back and waited for them to return the discussion to me. As we came rapidly towards Confirmation, out of their own, THEY told me ‘ Father, we want to be enrolled into the Scapular!’ So, on the week before their confirmation, they were robed them as Princes and Princesses, Heirs to Christ Our Lord and beloved children to Our Darling Immaculate Mother. We prayed the prayer honouring Our Lady of Mount Carmel, which came with the scapular packaging. Then, at the Confirmation last week, we prayed the John Paul ‘Totus Tuus’ prayer, consecrating ourselves to Our Lady’s YES! To the Holy Spirit.

    In the week, one child lost his Scapular. He had taken it off for his sports activity at school and had somehow lost it. On Friday at Mass, his mom told me that the boy was beside himself with anguish when he came home. How could he ever lose a garment which Our Lady had given to him? His Mom said that he felt so utterly ashamed, to have lost HER Scapular! Well, fortunately I have ‘Scapular Warehouse,’ in a box, in that cupboard over there, just near the door, in my…[Read more]

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    • Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and inspiring story. Your kids are a model for all other youth! God bless!

    • Is there no pic so that we can see how they look. Your story is very uplifting for other youth in our Archdiocese.

    • Thank you for this Father Craig. Now you know why you were posted to that Parish.

    • God bless you Father. Out Lady is opening up doors of graces for us. She has sent us on a mission to bring all souls to Christ. People have been coming up to me asking me questions about the scapular…if I wear it and what does it mean. It is the Holy Spirit. Just today I was at a novena in honor of Saint Anne. I was in the gift shop buying a little book on the scapular, its prayers and its history. One of my fellow parishioners asked do you wear the scapular and I said yes. She said: I don’t wear mine anymore. I want to hear more about it. I told her about all the graces associated with it. Mother Mary wants to save the world through the rosary and the scapular. many more souls will come to your Father asking for this special help. Our lady of Carmel please bless us and thank you for this beautiful mission that you have given us.

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