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    “…Along with a rising #mobocracy goes a rejection of the legally constituted means of making public decisions and of constitutional procedures to bestow and transfer political power…when confrontations and even physical assaults increase as a way to further political objectives—and prominent political figures give their approval—the rule of law is at stake…leftists in the streets decry #fascism, but this is the same behavior that characterized the European #fascists of the third and fourth decades of the twentieth century…if laws one doesn’t like can be selectively ignored or discarded—without serious, learned analysis or recourse to sound moral principles to show that they are truly unjust—then law means nothing. Those who have the most power become the ones who rule…it also demonstrates an utter arrogance regarding politics. What it says is that we know better, and will not tolerate any challenge to the way we think…The educational experience of many young activists amounts to indoctrination without any serious requirement to think independently…”

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    • A good article; but, there’s no need to single out Maxine Waters’ picture.
      As observed in the article, individuals from all political persuasions are participating.

  • Dennis Borruso posted an update in the group Group logo of American Pro-LifeAmerican Pro-Life 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    This is a sensitive topic, sorry if it is offensive to anyone, I am sincerely trying to figure out the Catholic Stance on this.

    I was searching about the catholic stance on abortion in the cases of sexual assault. I am pro-life but always found this issue somewhat confusing. I did not know if anything could be done for the victims after the incident. I did find one instance where the church allowed a contraceptive to be used on nuns in Africa in the case of rape. But this seems a rare instance.

    Then I found this but can not find anything to verify that this is the position from the Catholic Church. It is an excerpt from Catholicism for Dummies:

    Even the horror and tragedy of rape or incest isn’t considered cause to kill an innocent unborn life. If possible, the woman — who is also considered an innocent victim — can get treatment as soon as possible to try to prevent conception from occurring immediately after the rape or incest.

    Moral theologians and doctors say that it takes several hours to a day for the sperm to reach the egg, so the Church permits a female rape victim to be given a contraceptive only if ovulation or conception haven’t yet taken place and the drug given isn’t an abortifacient — a so-called contracepti…[Read more]

    • @countfrogula The last sentence sums up the Church’s teaching: “No matter what the circumstances that led to the conception, once conceived, that child has an immortal soul and has a right to live as much as the mother.”

    • Yes, I think Catholicism for Dummies is creating an unnecessary grey area without anything to back it up. Not sure why they would even put that in there as it is unsubstantiated by anything I could find. Not sure if the book is for dummies or by dummies. Either way, the for dummies books are certainly not an authoritative voice .

  • “The Democratic Party has gone off the deep end in many more ways than just pushing socialism. One sign is the fanatical embrace of identity politics…Look at Vermont. There, the Democrats’ primary race for governor was won by Christine Hallquist. What is unusual is that Hallquist calls himself a “transgender woman.”…Hallquist is a male pretending to be a woman…it is one thing for an individual to assert himself to be a woman and to act the part. There are always oddities. However, it is something entirely different for a major political party to put forward such a confused person for a high-level position as governor of a state. Does the primary win by Hallquist embarrass the Democrats? Not at all. Rather, it is celebrated within the party, a type of collective virtue-signaling…Gender confusion is used as a tool by the left (and Satan!) to detach America from common sense. Do that, and then control is easy…the left and its political arm, the Democratic Party, are like a nest of termites. In the dark, the termites eat away at the structure of a house… ”

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    There’s been a lot of news and scare headlines about the release of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury proceedings on abuse by Catholic priests, e.g. “300 priests sex abusers and 1000 children victims.” I contend the headlines are misleading, and I’m not being an apologist for priests who do indeed violate norms and bishops who cover up these sins. Nevertheless, a Grand Jury levels accusations, does not find verdicts. This Grand Jury was called by a Democrat Attorney General who is a darling of the left, and who I think is using the finding as a gateway to higher office and to demean the Church, and thereby say the opposition of the Church to abortion and same-sex message is hypocrisy.
    Here’s my take on the letter our Bishop (Diocese of Harrisburg, PA), Ronald Gainer, had posted and read at Sunday Mass.
    Let me emphasize: this is not an apologia for miscreant priests or bishops who cover up the sins of abuse; one predator priest is too many, and one bishop who covers up is too many. Nevertheless, let’s hold to the “Innocent until proven guilty” maxim.

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    • Rosalie, thank you for your comment, but it’s important to realize that not everything in this report may be true. There are many instances where priests have been accused and found to be innocent of wrongdoing. A fundamental principle of our law, derived from the English Common Law, is the belief that one is innocent until proven guilty by a trial and that the accused has the right to confront his accuser. And this is NOT to say that instances of abuse of children or adults should not be followed through, that there should be no cover up by bishops. But again I maintain that this Grand Jury has been an exercise in politics by a Democrat of extreme left beliefs whose object is to defame the Catholic Church and thus promote the agenda of abortion, same-sex marriage, … , which none of the readers here would have, I believe.

    • Rosemarie, I don’t think you have understood my position. I totally agree that molesters and ecclesiasial officials who cover up should be dealt with. But this Grand Jury report was fraudulent. See this report by a Pittsburgh reporter

      • Using such real horror as fodder for political mid-term elections or other such balogna is another sign of the callous disregard for the human person. Piling up dead bodies to help climb the ladder of success — even lieing to get elected — are all disgraceful. The weight of scandal is directly proportional to the persons and type of evil that is at the core of scandalous acts.
        Certainly we have to expect certain excesses and exaggeration in public court actions. It is part of winning an argument on the power of emotion. Judges are expected to slap down lawyers who come up with over the top statements. The current political climate, however, is livid with nothing but scare tactics, like the nazis and other fun political groups were always known for relying upon to gain power.
        Would you walk over victims, especially as so many of these are from events from the past and are already dead? Would you climb over the dead victims of this type of unthinkable treachery, rape and debasement to gain status?
        Apparently, many would.

  • Christopher Schaefer posted an update in the group Group logo of USA NetworkUSA Network 4 months ago

    “…Not content to promote slaughter of preborn infants at every opportunity, the [USA Democrat] political party of death widens its hostility to threatening anyone who would dare offer an alternative to the no-choice movement of pro-abortionism.…It’s not unusual to describe an election cycle as being critically important. But that grows truer by the year as unhinged political leftists grow increasingly dishonest, desperate, and violent against traditional people, even while deeply propagandistic dominant media pretend that the trouble comes from the right. There’s no one more morally arrogant than a leftist who denounces “imposing your morality on me” while he battles like an ayatollah to impose his anti-humanity fanaticism on everyone…Nor are leftists’ vile assaults against moral tradition confined to the U.S…With the U.S. Democratic Party increasingly flirting with militant socialism and the ills that entails…”

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    • This requires prayers. Human persons of sane mind do not want mothers to destroy a child. Exorcism is the answer not politics nor rhetoric of any kind. This is evil formed of pride and avarice from the radical individualism of American nationalism. What besides exorcism is proper when facing this form of unbridled evil?
      There is no rhetoric of rational thought expressed by the desire to promote the destruction of children by the child’s mother with no alternative.
      This is the one child policy mindset of Mao’s China influenced by Sanger. Only exorcism can remove such unbridled evil from the human person infected by such hatred.

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    “… the more immediate reason for the freak-out is that the Left fears, indeed it is terrified, that putting the Trump nominee on the Court will sooner or later result in an overturn of the Roe v. Wade ruling of 1973, the notorious ruling that “found” a “right” to #abortion in the U.S. Constitution. Roe was one of the worst rulings in the history of the Supreme Court, in the same league with Dred Scott and Plessy v. Ferguson; and a Court with #Kavanaugh on it may well decide to acknowledge this. If #Roe is overturned, the question of abortion goes back to the states. Each individual state will be free to permit abortion without restriction, permit it with restrictions, or ban it…hardcore liberal states will permit abortion with few if any restrictions, while hardcore conservative states will ban it with few if any exceptions. Sadly, states with big Catholic populations…will probably retain abortion on demand, while those states that severely restrict abortion will be states in which conservative Protestantism is dominant….”

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    “If Democrats don’t want to be perceived as being anti-Christian in their attitudes and policies, they’d better regroup, because plenty of people have taken notice…”

  • Christopher Schaefer posted an update in the group Group logo of USA NetworkUSA Network 5 months ago

    Christian compassion needs to be balanced with reality. Unfortunately ‘Democrat partisan ideologues’ and ‘reality’ are increasingly incompatible: “Nearly half of illegal immigrant minors under the age of 5 recently detained at the U.S./Mexico border cannot be returned because their putative parents have criminal records that include abduction, murder, and child abuse. DNA evidence has shown that some of the so-called parents have no real relationship to children they claim as their own…’…human traffickers have used children to cross the border to gain illegal entry.’ According to DHS and the Department of Justice, 46 of the 103 children currently in custody who are under 5 years old would not be safe with the adults who brought them to the country. Some of the adults are languishing in prison for murder, child abuse, and kidnapping. Other adults provided false proof of birth or had sought to place a child with a known child sex abuser. A dozen adult aliens were deported but declined to take their children with them …”

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    • Unfortunately, before all this blew up, it was also discovered that criminals who made it over would first target … fellow immigrants! Trying to Crack these cases is virtually impossible because the victim must be willing to press charges. Often, the victim finds him/herself unable to make this very first step. Police cannot simply pull people off the street based on suspicion; “knowledge” that a person is a gang member may not be admissible as evidence in court because it does not, in of itself, prove a crime was committed.

      It’s all a mess.

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  • #FamiliesBelongTogether!! Well, except US families, which have a divorce rate of 50% and where 35% of children are raised by a single parent. But it’s THOSE people from OTHER countries whom we REALLY care about! (Well, because it deflects attention away from our OWN moral failures…)

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