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    Have you got any questions about our faith and science?

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    • Reflections of a Catholic Scientist: @anselm33

    • This ought to be interesting.

    • Heard of Michael Polanyi listening to Father Spitzer in his universe on EWTN. Do you see progress in the understanding of quantum mechanics changing the understanding of life he proposed? Are rings of quantum states sufficient to induce metabolic function?
      How relevant would such an understanding of metabolic function be to the fact of a personal and loving God, the Creator? Would this present the image of God and the transcendent nature of man with a stronger evidence? I see such complex structure to the form of matter, a physical trajectory for the first seven days of Genesis, as revealing the majesty and providence of a present and loving God. How would one proposition that a theoretical link from the first breath of God forming the universe to the identity of each living thing could be evidence for atheism?
      Thought I would field an easy one for you, first. The hard one will be an exercise for the reader.