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    Christopher Schaefer - "@jesspinosa I’m still (somewhat reluctantly) on Facebook, if you want to stay connected after this site shuts down: Just let me know you’re from Awestruck, sin […]"View
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    Robert H Patrick - "@eileen33 Eileen; please create a MeWe account; lots of Catholic groups there; please keep in touch! God bless!"View
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    Norm - "Short of a miracle, because of mounting costs, insufficient support and increasing spam attacks we are unfortunately going to have to close down in a few days time. It will be a sad day."View
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    Miriam Westen - "Dear Friends, so sorry to see Awestruck go…it was so wonderful to be inspired by you all…I will keep you all in my prayers…we are always united as a Family in Christ. Thanks to Norm @admin for all your hard […]"View
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    Chris Rousselle - "I am quite sad about not having this Catholic site. I have contributed financially and my opinions, cares and thoughts on Awestruck. Communicating on this site has been a blessing beyond measure. It feels like a […]"View
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