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  • My parish is St. Charles Borromeo in Port Charlotte, where I am a catechist in the religious education program.

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    I like making slight funny sound-alike changes in pompous words, like ‘politically cracked’ for ‘politically correct.’

    • Yes! We need to start getting more creative with our adjectives and expletives. Language is so broad and fascinating. Why do we commonly use the same words to describe stuff and only a fraction of the brain?

      • I just saw a movie where an elderly woman says, “Oh French fries!” in place of an expletive. Sounds silly but no need for the hearer to wash his/her ears.

    • I like your version better, Bill.

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  • I saw an interview with a book author today that struck home with me. Lately I have been conscious of a predominance in the news of accounts of mayhem and catastrophe. While there clearly is no shortage of such stories “out there,” I couldn’t help wondering if there is an intentional process pushing such things to the fore to the exclusion of topics having wider, perhaps moral significance. This week the guest on Jeanette Benkovic’s TV show has been filled in some of the blanks that I haven’t been able to understand by myself. She believes that we are being subjected to all the anxiety-producing matter (as part of a campaign or agenda, I gather) to lure us away from serious consideration of larger issues such as ones that involve the teachings of the Church. I expect there will be much more coming forth from Catholic thinkers that will confirm that certain efforts are being made to keep the populace in a continuing state of uncomfortable agitation and distraction, disinclined to think deeply or act compassionately.

    • Strikes a big chord with me too. But it sounds like a bit of a conspiracy theory. I think the main stream media and its adherents are dismally lacking in originality and are seldom concerned about the deep serious considerations of larger issues that you speak about. That’s why people have to turn to alternative media to search for the meat. For some time I’ve been really interested in experimenting with a small scale, live-streaming, community driven video channel that reports on fresh inspirational sources where these larger sins are being considered.

    • The mainstream media is catering to the hunger for sensationalism by its readers and viewers. Think reality shows and People magazine. Thank God that there has been a proliferation of Catholic websites and publications where we can learn things of substance and importance to us.

      • The author who Jonnette was interviewing is Beverly Akman. Her book is Agenda Games: a high stakes political combat. Today she talked about things to do when you are in a meeting or group where the leader or some ax grinder is attempting to slip an agenda you don’t support past everyone, and how you can become the object of attempts to marginalize you because you don’t go along.