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    Welcome new members. Let us know what your reading, and, more importantly, what you’re writing about. Are you published, or hoping to be published. Are you trying traditional publishing, or self-publishing, or some combination of the two. I finished my novel, Need to Know, and am writing another mystery, The Mystery of the Gilded Eagle. I’m also planning to write the text for a Graphic Novel based on my Vampire novel, Generation Z, Birth of the Zompire. I’m retired, so I can spend much time. How about you? Any reviews of your books?

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    • Hello all. I am currently reading “Resisting Happiness” by Mathew Kelly. I am not writing anything but in times when I’ve experienced the most satisying apiritual growth, I was journaling as a form of prayer. I have never felt closer to the Lord than during those times. I have prayerfully wondered whether this would lead to any type of writing for others.

      • Depending on what is in your journal, you may be able to help others by publishing the contents. Only you can determine if this is true, but if you really feel this way, you can self-publish it as a flyer, small book, or whatever form works. If the journal entries are too confidential, then you can’t help through their content, but may still be able to help, if in no other way than to encourage to do the same thing you did to make them feel closer to the Lord. Worked for you. Maybe it’ll work for them.

        • Thanks. You have given me some good info to think about.

          I would like to read your mystery novels.

          • Go to my website: to read the first chapters and summaries of all my novels. If interested in mysteries, I suggest starting with Not Privileged to Know. (Need to Know is the second in this series; Death of the Innocents is a stand alone mystery). All my novels show Catholic people, whether practicing Catholics, or not, who are thrown into stressful and exciting situations. Hope you enjoy. Let me know, and, if you read any, please review on Amazon, GoodReads, etc.