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  • “The emptying of the notion of the sacred in contemporary liturgical celebrations is one of the characteristics that most clearly marks the present crisis in the Church. The Catholic world seems to have definitively broken with what constituted one of the more significant characteristics that distinguished it from the whole Protestant world, a characteristic which was a point of common ground with the Eastern churches, especially the Orthodox, and inherited from the entirety of tradition and the biblical spirituality of the Old Testament: the distinction between a sacred space—entirely consecrated to the divine—and the profane world…it seems urgent, not to draw up an assessment of the pastoral approaches put into effect by most dioceses—no one in 2017 can doubt how noxious these pastoral approaches have been— but rather to try to understand thoroughly what we might call ‘the problem of the sacred’…The mistake of the progressives was to imagine that the disappearance of the sacred would lead to a closer connection between God and man. It must now be admitted that in more than one respect this has not happened…”

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  • Charles II of England: Most don’t know of his secret deathbed conversion to Catholicism

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    • Some kids in my choir are English and before they sing they pray for the conversion of Queen Eliz. II…could happen….God bless…

  • “…Modern musical notation was born around 1025 in this abbey, when the Benedictine monk and music theorist Guido D’Arezzo noticed his fellow monks had difficulties remembering the melodies they were supposed to sing while praying the liturgy. Arezzo’s system (the very same one we use nowadays, basically consisting of a five-line staff, four spaces and seven notes in different octaves), replaced neumatic notation…”

  • “…I gravitated toward the #Latin Chapel, learning how to offer the New Mass, in Latin. I studied Latin with a famous Latinist in Rome while I was doing my other studies there, so I discovered the beauty of the Roman Rite in Latin – but the Novus Ordo – and with the chant. I also learned the chant repertoire, which is mostly the same as that of the Usus Antiquior.
    And here’s another step to the Old Mass: I was very interested, because of my studies in liturgy, in the #Byzantine Rite. One summer, I spent two months in Greece living in a Byzantine House of Studies, going to the Holy Mountain (Mount Athos). I was asked even to live at the Greek college in Rome, to assist there. It didn’t work out, but I was interested. Through the Byzantine Rite I discovered a different ethos of liturgy. Now, that’s important;
    I discovered the traditional Latin Mass #TLM through the Byzantine Rite, because of the very similar ethos…In the Old Mass, the personality of the priest does not matter. His office matters…”

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  • #Byzantine Great Blessing of the Waters for #Epiphany #GrecoCatholic #EasternCatholicism #EasternCatholic

  • #Byzantine Great Blessing of the Waters for #Epiphany #GrecoCatholic #EasternCatholicism #EasternCatholic

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    • Thank you, Christopher. I have been absent for a long time, largely due to my busyness with parish work. It’s nice to come back to this Catholic social media network. Facebook, Twitter, etc. all seem to be spiralling downwards. It’s nice to come to a place where fellow Catholics can share the Faith openly. God bless!

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  • “…A father wants to fight this force, because it is displacing him as a loving and active authority, and weakening him in other ways, but knows not where to wield a weapon. That unrecognized force is the technological revolution…the replacement of traditional sources of meaning and purpose with the meaning and purpose of technology itself…consider how quickly people pull out a phone. Not only do they use it to “look up” anything they need, to find their way somewhere without need for a map, but they also quickly translate any meaningful experience through it by snapping a picture. We look to our devices for meaning and get meaning from our devices…It’s hard for us to imagine a thing existing meaningfully and not “shared” through technological means…the primary thing replaced by machines are humans and the communities they inhabit…Those identity-giving relationships are forged, between generations for example, in the practical and sacred work of a real place – chopping wood, constructing sheds, serving customers (neighbors), learning a craft…Watching TV together is not the same as shared work and leisure…To counter this is going to require creative and imaginary work…”

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    “…In an age when everyone in general, and #millennials in particular, are being offered every possible experience mediated through a digital surface, what is being discovered is that that younger age group is turning away from what’s virtually on offer and looking for something tactile, something real. An experience, dare we say, which is somehow more incarnate and therefore more interesting?… When I asked them about their ongoing attraction to an exclusively #Latin liturgy that dates in places to the 16th century, they said that they valued its ‘sense of mystery.’ To elucidate further what they meant they used such words as ‘transcendental’, ‘authentic’, ‘unchanging’, as well as ‘sacred’ and ‘holy.’ What they were expressing, and, ultimately, what they wanted was an experience that transcended not just themselves but the world around them. They desired to glimpse something of what was being solemnly proclaimed, namely eternity…”

  • “…In Heaven no imperfection can exist—nothing but perfect love—and, with that, no remorse, no wishful thinking, no hesitation or changing our mind. Our loves and desires are perfected and oriented towards God. The Ultimate Perfection. The Ultimate Love. Enter #purgatory … A way to finish the job, on the precipice of Heaven…”

  • “…to those who declare that the only treatment for #gender #dysphoria is to affirm it, to give patients cross-gender hormones, and to perform gender-change surgeries: ‘You can’t handle the truth!’”

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    Traditionally the Christmas season ends liturgically on the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, popularly known as Candlemas. Candles are blessed on this day, and symbolize Christ as the light of the world, who was recognized as such by St Simeon in the temple.
    On Friday, February 2nd, at 7:00PM, Juventutem Boston will be hosting a Missa Cantata in the Extraordinary Form
    at St Paul’s in Harvard Square, 29 Mount Auburn St, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
    The celebrant will be Fr. Kwang Lee.
    After Mass, a social will be held for the young adults (ages 18-35) at a nearby restaurant.
    Join us for Mass and the blessing of candles to bring this year’s Christmas season to a close!

  • Why Church Teachings on #Chastity are Undeniably True

  • “…One of the most important developments of the late ‘Enlightenment,’ one that Christians of all people need to understand, is the sudden and venomous attack on civilization launched by everyone from Rousseau to the German romantics…postmodernists…understand that Western civilization is intertwined with that Christian inheritance from the past. But because Western civilization is oppressive, corrupt, and domineering, its destruction—which the postmodernists think will be a good thing—also necessitates the destruction of Christianity…The true alliance between the radical left and Islamists is that both are fighting a mutual civilizational enemy…Christians remain shackled and muzzled by the liberal Leviathan and told to keep their concerns ‘private’…driven into oblivion by political elites…The abdication of political responsibility by Christians is the great tragedy of our age…The attack against Western civilization is, in some way, an attack against the Body of Christ…”

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  • “…In dioceses across the country, including Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, and New York, we have faced a historic number of church closings… what if the building is still beloved by people in the neighborhood, especially the faithful? What are some creative ways to assist them to have a house of prayer that is a light to the city and a locus for the sacraments?…The option most likely to succeed is to invite a religious order in to run the parish. Opus Dei, the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, and the Institute of Christ the King have a track record in reviving dying parishes and restoring beautiful buildings and artwork. In Chicago, Cardinal George asked the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal to reopen a closed parish in a tough neighborhood … In Fort Wayne, Indiana, Bishop Kevin Rhoades brought in a new order, the Franciscan Friars Minor, to reopen a shuttered parish church and serve the poor in the neighborhood…”

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  • California is requiring #prolife professionals — people who’ve dedicated their lives to protecting the unborn by offering pregnant mothers alternatives to #abortion — to advertise state-sponsored abortions.

  • “…Throughout salvation history, there have been many saints who go into the desert, or some form of wilderness, to live ascetically for the purposes of growing in deeper holiness and inspiring others to abandon their lives of sin.

    One of these saints is St. Anthony of Egypt, also called St. Anthony of the Desert, whose life of deep asceticism and prayer became a great catalyst for St. Augustine of Hippo’s conversion. In this article, we will explore the life of St. Anthony through the eyes of St. Augustine, concluding with some practically suggestions of living ascetically in everyday life..”

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