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  • “…many have praised the tell-it-like-it-is Dr. #Peterson as a forceful voice in defense of order and even conservatism…The existential obsession with Being with a capital B and other such concepts sought to replace God and morals…Postmodernism is the next step in the process of the West’s intellectual and moral decay. Just as modernity undermined the Church’s supernatural order, so postmodernity denies the naturalistic positions defended by these modern thinkers. Hence, the politically correct denial of reality that Dr. Peterson attacks so well has its origins in much of the thinking he professes…(vs) Peterson is refreshing in how seriously he takes Christian texts and the role they played in the formation of Western civilization. He has chastised atheists like Sam Harris who believe we can develop our own morality without reference to God…”

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  • Because the Vatican’s Synod on #Young People #Synod2018 portends to be a massive disappointment—aging Boomers trying to get #GenX -ers #Millennials and #PostMillennials to be just like Boomers—some #youngAdults in Connecticut decided to organize their own CATHOLIC #Youth Conference “A Sign of Contradiction: Catholic Identity in the Modern World”. In keeping with that theme, it will conclude with a Solemn Traditional #Latin Mass #TLM and procession. The speakers will be #YOUNG recently-ordained priests.

  • The photos at this link actually are of an Ordinary Form Mass (aka 1969 Novus Ordo Missae.New Order of Mass) recently celebrated in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Much of the singing was in #Latin . If all Ordinary Form Masses had been celebrated like this since the 1960s there would not have been such a rupture in the ‘hermeneutic of continuity’–and consequently not such a rupture in Faith, catechesis and morals. ‘Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi’.

  • The church of the Holy Rosary in the Bronx, New York, USA will have a Traditional #Latin Missa cantata (in the Extraordinary Form) on April 29th, the Fourth Sunday after Easter, starting at 1 pm, with music by Vincent d’Indy and Cristobál de Morales, in addition to the proper #Gregorian chant for the day. (More parishes need to be having such Masses EVERY Sunday and as a principal mid-MORNING Sunday Mass–not snuck in on the afternoon. It’s been over 10 years since #SummorumPontificum ! )

  • “…The best kind of deductive system would be one in which all propositions in the system are deduced from a single axiom. I think we can do something like this with the American cultural belief system often called #secularHumanism ; or called, when considered as a political belief system, ultra- #liberalism or #progressivism . That’s what I propose to do here. I will attempt to deduce all the beliefs of secular humanism (progressivism, ultra-liberalism) from a single axiom, the axiom of #personalFreedom …”

  • The Vatican’s Sistine Chapel Choir, known as the “Pope’s choir,” will head to the United States this summer for an eight-city concert tour. This is the choir’s first nationwide tour and will include stops in Atlanta, New York City, St. Louis, Detroit, Miami, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles July 3-July 23…Known officially as the Cappella Musicale Pontificia Sistina, the choir is comprised of 20 professional singers from around the world, as well as a treble section made up of 35 boys aged 9-13 called the Pueri Cantores. With a 1,500-year history, the Sistine Chapel Choir is believed to be the oldest active choir in the world…

  • “…What about secular populations who are not interested in listening to intellectual or inspirational material, including discussions about religion? Clearly, these “nones” are not religious but, additionally, they are not particularly intellectually motivated to stand against religion either. Consequently, apologists are left befuddled with no counterarguments to rebut or unpack. Introducing apathetic populations to theological or philosophical reasoning would require out-of-shape people to run on an inclined treadmill: a difficult means of motivation. Therefore, we can direct our attention toward persuading apathetic “nones” more effectively by having them first walk on a downhill treadmill before gradually running on an incline. In other words, we need to meet them “where they are” and strengthen them subtly and patiently…Rather than shunning the worldly, circumstantial, and practical, we can know and use these elements as a way to establish common ground and forward the conversation toward more transcendental philosophical and religious reasoning…”

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    “The story has been told many times and in many quarters how Mons. Annibale Bugnini, the secretary of the committee for implementing (Vatican II’s) Sacrosanctum Concilium, would “sell” the items in his program for radical changes to the liturgy, changes that were neither asked for, nor even distantly imagined by the Fathers of Vatican II. He would tell Pope Paul VI that the proposed changes were strongly recommended by the expert (or supposedly so) liturgical scholars, while telling the scholars (or at least the more sober among them, those who needed reassurance) that the Pope himself insisted on such changes…No one will be surprised to read that Paul VI himself expressed grave reservations and disappointment about some of these changes, although he himself had approved them, and, heroically exercising the virtues of Prudence and Fortitude, did nothing to correct them. Here are just a couple of example…”

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    “…Our current civic religion cherrypicks the worst of two political philosophies. From individualism we select: An adolescent rejection of tradition, authority, and inherited wisdom; A sense that each of us created the universe ex nihilo when we sagely decided to get born; A disinterest in our ancestors and disregard for our progeny; A present-driven hedonism that goads us to live for the moment; We pretend (as Justice Kennedy infamously said in Planned Parenthood v. Casey) that each of us has the right to invent his own moral code…That’s where collectivism comes in. From it we cherrypick each of the following curious items:… Collectivism ensures that somebody else pays the price for our narcissistic choices…Unless you prudently choose to dismantle it first…brick by brick, the whole big government structure that exists to cushion people from reality… We’ll have to start acting like Christians again…”

  • “…Since the mid-1960s a range of different factors have hit the human race which have come together to create a perfect storm. That perfect storm is the #Marriage Mess…It is difficult to overestimate the continued destruction and damage that will be caused to the human family because of this perfect storm. The symptoms of the Marriage Mess are sexual confusion, the breakdown of the #family unit, lack of social cohesion, breakdown of traditional #morality and subsequent #sexual anarchy and chaos. Why has this massive amount of confusion and chaos happened? Here are ten factors in no particular order:… We swallowed the lie that marriage was about finding self-fulfillment rather than finding a way of self-sacrifice…” #ethics #abortion #contraception #divorce #pornography

  • “To stand in the room of a saint is quite something. Such was my privilege the other day when the door to the room of John Henry Newman was unlocked and I was bid enter… When men, whether in the world of science or theology, history or philosophy seemed intent on rejecting God, here was a man who dared to engage his reason so as to understand better his faith. In doing so, #Newman created something in the world of ideas that has not only grown in significance since but also seen off many of his then contemporaries and their modish theories…”

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    “Matthew Arnold…is a Catholic speaker, author and producer. He #converted to the Catholic faith in 1996…He is a regular attendee of the Traditional #Latin Mass #TLM at St. John the Baptist Church in Costa Mesa in Southern California, and recently released a book about his experiences with the Latin Mass, ‘Confessions of a Traditional Catholic’…’People too #young to remember the pre-conciliar Church are the majority of those assisting at the Traditional Mass at my parish…young Catholics find the Traditional rite attractive precisely because it requires something of them…young people today are powerfully attracted to authenticity and they can smell condescension a mile away…efforts to make the new (1969) liturgy “relevant” to the young, while no doubt well-intentioned, tend to fall flat…the world can do entertainment better than your youth minister…Holy Mass alone is “heaven on earth” and I believe many Catholics, young and old, are attracted by the fact that this “vertical” aspect is more substantially represented by the Extraordinary Form…’…”

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    “…One thing that puzzled me for the longest time is how difficult it proved to be…to make headway with Catholic young adults in convincing them to live a ‘vita liturgica’ (liturgical life), that is, a life centered on the sacred #liturgy …living by the #liturgical calendar, the seasons, the days of fasting and feasting; paying attention to the saints…I started having among my students an increasing number who came from a more #traditional background…I discovered that these students were, to one degree or another, already living a vita liturgica. And it was then that I realized the essence of the problem. If all someone has ever known is the (1969) reformed liturgy celebrated in a horizontal way, the very concept of a vita liturgica is alien, and what’s worse, incapable of realization…because of its assimilation to a modernity that is anti-sacramental, anti-ritual, and anti-transcendent… one can predict with fair accuracy which students grew up with the ‘usus antiquior’ (‘ancient usage’ aka traditional #Latin Mass #TLM ) and which ones with the (1969) Novus Ordo (New Order of Mass)… A first and irreplaceable step in awakening the souls of liturgical orphans to the grandeur of divine worship is simply to invite and encourage them to attend the traditional Latin Mass…”

  • The Problem with #Atheism “A civilization where belief in God is on the wane, is a civilization where people are merely objects and will be treated as such. The greatest thinkers of the human race have understood this….If men are fellow children of a loving God, then our worth is infinite. If we are merely animals with pretensions, our lives of no more significance than those of gnats, and we should not be surprised that men who believe this rubbish will act as if their lives, and the lives of their fellow men, are very cheap, and very meaningless, indeed.”

  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre or Garden Tomb? “…In 1986, Israeli archaeologist Gabriel Barkay published a paper that showed, among other things, that the Garden Tomb was carved seven or eight centuries before Christ was born. But this contradicts the Bible’s description of the tomb being a new one that had been built for Joseph of Arimathea…Other parts of the area, like the cistern for the garden, have been dated to the time of the Crusades. Moreover, the skull-like appearance in the rocks has noticeably eroded since its discovery in the nineteenth century, so there’s reason to doubt it was present 2,000 years ago. Neither does the Garden Tomb’s location in relation to the walls of Jerusalem give it more authenticity. It is located outside the walls of the modern old city of Jerusalem, but those walls were built during the Ottoman Empire. The walls of first-century Jerusalem, however, were closer to the site of the Jewish temple. Archaeologists have shown that the Church of the Holy Sepulchre lies outside these ancient, first-century walls…Hadrian wanted to stamp out Christian worship, so he erected pagan temples over Christian holy sites. One of those temples was dedicated to the deity Aphrodite (or Venus in some accounts) and was built in the second century over…[Read more]

  • “…The Catholic Church has been against #abortion for two thousand years. While many non-Catholic Christians as well as non-Christians oppose abortion, the #prolife movement is full of Catholics. What this means is that when people start working in the pro-life movement, they end up working alongside Catholics and forming friendships they might not have had otherwise. And when people are shown the beauty, consistency, and vitality of true Catholicism, in contrast to commonly held stereotypes, it seems many people end up wanting to join.”

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