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  • This simple but beautiful setting of the Mass ‘Ordinary’ by Christobal de Morales (c. 1500-1553) is based on the first 6 steps of the ascending musical scale “ut (do) re mi fa sol la”, which can be heard clearly at the beginning of each section. (He also composed a Mass that mixes up these 6 notes, entitled “Missa Fa Re Ut Fa Sol La”.)

  • “…we find people, some of them serious and well-informed, who call themselves Catholic #socialists …there are good and intelligent people who believe these things. Why is that?… Life is unfair… justice seems to call for the remedy to be applied…it can seem right to make the remedy a matter of routine backed by public authority. After all, shouldn’t a government establish justice? Apply this line of thought again and again and you end up with a comprehensive bureaucratic control of social life for the sake of fairness…it’s easy to find serious problems with #socialism …When it fixes one thing it deranges others…and thereby deprives people of responsibility for their situation. It also concentrates power, supplants autonomous institutions, like family and religion…When government controls everything, nothing controls government…since the purpose of the state is to enforce those principles, they will become in effect an established and intolerant religion…And people accept the democratic claim that action by the state is action by the people…”

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  • “… the more immediate reason for the freak-out is that the Left fears, indeed it is terrified, that putting the Trump nominee on the Court will sooner or later result in an overturn of the Roe v. Wade ruling of 1973, the notorious ruling that “found” a “right” to #abortion in the U.S. Constitution. Roe was one of the worst rulings in the history of the Supreme Court, in the same league with Dred Scott and Plessy v. Ferguson; and a Court with #Kavanaugh on it may well decide to acknowledge this. If #Roe is overturned, the question of abortion goes back to the states. Each individual state will be free to permit abortion without restriction, permit it with restrictions, or ban it…hardcore liberal states will permit abortion with few if any restrictions, while hardcore conservative states will ban it with few if any exceptions. Sadly, states with big Catholic populations…will probably retain abortion on demand, while those states that severely restrict abortion will be states in which conservative Protestantism is dominant….”

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  • “Church leaders in #Nigeria have said that Christians are experiencing ‘pure genocide’ as 6,000 people, mostly women and children, have been murdered by Fulani radicals since January..International Community Ignores #Genocide of Christians in Nigeria…”

  • “If Democrats don’t want to be perceived as being anti-Christian in their attitudes and policies, they’d better regroup, because plenty of people have taken notice…”

  • The Chinese government is approving increasingly restrictive measures against Catholics in the central province of Henan. As Eglises d’Asie reports, five new rules have been imposed which include the requirement of religious working in the province to collect data and information on their faithful.

  • What do you do to avoid “toxins” of your soul? How do you get rid of them? Step by step recommendations:

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    • This is a truly excellent write-up. And, in my opinion, the best piece of advice in the batch is:

      “Let your life change.”

      I would put it this way: Let the life that belongs to you, change.
      👉 Let your 👈 👇👋*self*👋👆 change.👍✌✊

  • Courage Honors Its Founder, Father John Harvey; those who knew him personally offer reflections about his transformational legacy of helping people who experience same-sex attraction. Father John Harvey presented the full truth of the Church’s teaching on homosexuality.

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    • “Father Harvey could sympathize with people’s struggles while assuring them that, with God’s grace, they could live faithful, chaste and obedient lives.”

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    Just-published album of photos for #CorpusChristi as it was celebrated this year at the #FSSP apostolate in Rome, Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini, where Fr. John Berg, FSSP Superior General at the time, celebrated the Traditional #Latin Mass #TLM and led a glorious procession:

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    Christian compassion needs to be balanced with reality. Unfortunately ‘Democrat partisan ideologues’ and ‘reality’ are increasingly incompatible: “Nearly half of illegal immigrant minors under the age of 5 recently detained at the U.S./Mexico border cannot be returned because their putative parents have criminal records that include abduction, murder, and child abuse. DNA evidence has shown that some of the so-called parents have no real relationship to children they claim as their own…’…human traffickers have used children to cross the border to gain illegal entry.’ According to DHS and the Department of Justice, 46 of the 103 children currently in custody who are under 5 years old would not be safe with the adults who brought them to the country. Some of the adults are languishing in prison for murder, child abuse, and kidnapping. Other adults provided false proof of birth or had sought to place a child with a known child sex abuser. A dozen adult aliens were deported but declined to take their children with them …”

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    • Unfortunately, before all this blew up, it was also discovered that criminals who made it over would first target … fellow immigrants! Trying to Crack these cases is virtually impossible because the victim must be willing to press charges. Often, the victim finds him/herself unable to make this very first step. Police cannot simply pull people off the street based on suspicion; “knowledge” that a person is a gang member may not be admissible as evidence in court because it does not, in of itself, prove a crime was committed.

      It’s all a mess.

  • “..It only represents the African culture since he is originally from Nigeria. Africans often wear beautiful and colorful things, which is part of their joyful culture…the mitre has been a long-standing part of (Cardinal Arinze’s) collection of vestments and does not at all represent an endorsement of the LGBT movement. Further, readers should note that the rainbow has only recently been taken up as a symbol of sexual deviancy; in fact, it was first a symbol of God’s promise to Noah in the book of Genesis going back thousands of years. So maybe the Church needs to reclaim the rainbow as a holy symbol?”

  • “…the question regarding rundown or vacant churches also has a geographical aspect, since it concerns countries with different issues and challenges, but most of all it plays into the cultural and social context. ‘The phenomenon is one of the mirrors of the decline of religious practice and the clergy, of the progress of secularization’… Secularization in the West shows no sign of slowing down…”

  • The Curious Case of the Protestant Bible

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    Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Newark, New Jersey USA will celebrate a Solemn High Traditional #Latin Mass #TLM on the eve of the patronal feast day of this parish, this Sunday, July 15th, starting at 5:00 p.m. Following Mass there will be a grand procession with a statue of Our Lady and a full symphonic brass band, and the streets of the parish will host an Italian festival with live entertainment. The church is located at 259 Oliver Street; there is ample parking on premises.

  • O bone, O dulcis, O begnigne Jesu (O good, O sweet, O kind Jesus), te deprecor per illum tuum sanguinem pretiosum (I beseech Thee by Thy #PreciousBlood ), quem pro nobis miseris effundere dignatus es in ara crucis (which for us wretches didst deign to pour out upon the altar of the Cross): ut abjicias omnes iniquitates meas (that Thou wouldst cast away all my sins). Heinrich Schutz (1585-1672) @sacredheart8

  • Irony of 1960s Catholic Liberals: insisted Paul VI was merely stating ‘personal opinion’, not papal authority, when his ‘Humanae Vitae’ invoked doctrinal Tradition—but Liberals invoked papal authority to support Paul VI’s suppression & replacement of patristic liturgy: “…Blessed John Henry Newman feared that a definition of papal infallibility, which doctrine he personally believed and understood as an example of development of dogma, would be misunderstood and would become a source of great mischief in the Church. It turned out the that definition of the dogma of Papal #Infallibility at Vatican I is quite narrow…Paul VI thought that he had the authority as pope to ban the #Latin Roman Mass of Tradition and to impose on the Church a (1969) liturgy of New-Church… which was not the product of organic development but rather a product of the same crowd who undermined Paul VI on ‘ #HumanaeVitae ’…The crisis in the Church for the past fifty years is a crisis of faith. There is a crisis of #authority because of the crisis of faith…”

  • Nationwide Survey for the #SSPX & Angelus Press, make the currently available programs more accessible to the faithful throughout America.
    The deadline for taking the survey is this Friday, July 13th.

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    PICTURES: Archbishop McMahon celebrates Old Rite ordination at Warrington, England UK

  • “That #masculinity and #femininity are important realities and not merely social constructs seems clear. Yet when we try to nail down what exactly these realities are, the social constructs often become the focus of our discussion. We end up discussing poor #caricatures of #masculine and #feminine based on a laundry list of non-essential qualities…The problem of course is focusing on accidentals instead of essentials. What is the essence of the complementary qualities of masculine and feminine?…”

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