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  • “…ideologues call sexism being treated equally to men (and perhaps being treated with more leniency). It is the tiresome tactic that the politically-correct and ideologically-possessed left always utilize when things don’t go their way. It goes something like this: “disagree with our ideology and we will call you a sexist, bigot, racist, fascist, Nazi, xenophobe, transphobe, homophobe, etc.” It is merely a tactic to create fear for expressing opposing viewpoints and to stifle any constructive dialogue…The social constructionist position promoted by the postmodernist left denies biological differences…Scientific fact is consistently being questioned to advance political agendas…Men and women should be equal under the law, albeit they are distinguishable biological beings. Wishing away sex differences, and creating imaginary narratives about the power of socialization in shaping all sex differences, is idiotic…This was all planned by the sovereign Creator, ever since the incipient moment of creation…”

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  • a new website today dedicated to providing U.S. Catholics with evidence of whether their bishop is faithful or unfaithful to perennial Church teaching. Faithful Shepherds helps hold American bishops accountable by providing years, sometimes decades, of past tweets, public speeches, sermons, actions, pastoral letters, and diocesan guidelines. Faithful Shepherds currently gives evidence of where U.S. bishops stand on ten issues: Archbishop Vigano’s testimony, Amoris Laetitia, pro-life leadership, homosexuality, abortion politics, contraception, “LGBT” ideology, liturgy, marriage and family life, and education. More will be added as new evidence is gathered…”

  • “To be a voice for victims of clerical sexual abuse, Father Brendan McGuire realized he had to come to terms with the abuse he suffered at the hands of a priest when he was 18. It was a secret he had held for 35 years.
    He told the story of his abuse in a homily delivered at five weekend Masses Sept. 8-9 at Holy Spirit Church in San Jose, California, where he is pastor…”

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    Description of one of the oldest surviving liturgical books for the traditional #Latin Mass: The Gellone Sacramentary of the late 700s.

  • “…it was specifically because #Müller had strictly tried to abide by the Church’s standing rules concerning the punishment of clerical sex offenders that Pope Francis had him dismissed. Most prominently, Müller had told Francis not to reinstate the serial child abuser Don Mauro #Inzoli . ‘…A certain group of people accused the Congregation of too much severity and a lack of mercy…only 20% ended with a laicization, the rest received other punishments (but that was already too much for some of the papal confidants… Three competent employees and exemplary priests were dismissed [from the CDF] without notice and without reason. One could not accuse them of too much laxity, on the contrary! The sexual abuse of mainly homophilic offenders is not rooted in the Church’s sexual morality nor in the celibacy of the priests, but, rather, in the laxity of morals and in the violation of God’s Commandments and the failure to live celibacy…”

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  • “…It is not clericalism,” says Müller, “whatever this might mean, but, rather, the turning away from the truth and moral license are the roots of the evil…The corruption of doctrine always brings about the corruption of morality and manifests itself in it,” adds the cardinal. “The severe sin against the holiness of the Church, without any remorse, is the consequence of a relativization of the dogmatic foundation of the Church. This is the real reason for the shake-up and the disappointment of millions of faithful Catholics.” In this context, Cardinal Müller points to the Protestant “reform” of the 16th century and adds a quote from a scholar who states that “the word reform covered up the heresy and the growing split of the Church…Just as then, today there is also talk about reform…reform of the curia and reform of the whole Church…The true reform is not the secularization of the Church, but the sanctification of man for God…”

  • “…long before the opening session of the Second Vatican Council, the popularity of these observances had atrophied. So why care about them now? To answer this question, we must first determine what they are. The #Ember days, which fall on a Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday of the same week, occur in conjunction with the four natural seasons of the year. Autumn brings the September #Embertide (Sept. 19, 21 & 22 this year), also called the Michaelmas Embertide because of their proximity to the Feast of St. Michael… #Fasting and partial #abstinence during the #Ember days were also enjoined on the faithful from time immemorial until the 1960s…The Didache, a work so old that it may actually predate some books of the New Testament, tells us that Palestinian Christians in the first century A.D. fasted every Wednesday and Friday…” (Bishop Morlino of the Madison, Wisconsin USA diocese has called for the observation of September Embertide in his diocese, in reparation for the clergy sex abuse scandal. Any parish that celebrates weekday Latin Mass will observe these)

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  • “… #Flax burning was abrogated by Paul VI ipso facto along with the coronation rite, as part of that generation’s apparent disgust with the “detritus of imperial Rome.” Its disappearance is in complete harmony with the principles of the new liturgical order, under which the Church’s historic #penitential discipline and rites have been all but abolished as unattractive relics of medieval piety. But as the Church and her Petrine office enter deeper into this season of humiliation and repentance perhaps it is time to reconsider the fittingness of ceremonial acts of #penance . One hopes a more judicious generation will soon rediscover, in this picturesque rite borrowed from the Byzantine court, a fulsome and timely reminder that the Petrine ministry is a ministry of #repentance , an example of conversion for the whole world, founded when Christ raised the over-zealous Peter from the dung-heap of his betrayal.”

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    • Very informative. And it’s interesting to know that John XXIII committed time to participate.

  • “I don’t know how many other Father Grahams are out there – members of the Catholic clergy falsely accused of abuse – but I suspect there are some, perhaps even in Minnesota. If so, let them take heart from the way the justice system worked for Fr. Graham.”

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    What NOT to Blame Clerical Sex Abuse On: Vows of celibacy and chastity; male-only priesthood; Pedophilia; secular media; priesthood today; Catholic faith

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    “Cardinal Daniel #DiNardo of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), has been accused by two alleged victims of clerical abuse of failing to remove their priest abuser from ministry. The alleged perpetrator, Father Manuel LaRosa-Lopez, was arrested in Conroe, Texas on Tuesday on four counts of indecency with a child pursuant to an investigation launched in August of 2018. The charges relate to abuse accusations dating back nearly two decades. Despite archdiocesan awareness of accusations of inappropriate conduct with minors, LaRosa-Lopez was still in active ministry…” #scandal

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    3rd & 4th century Church Fathers on Sacrament of #Confession : “…Treatise on The Lapsed, AD 251: Speaking of receiving Holy Communion in a state of sin, #Cyprian taught: ‘The Apostle bears witness and says, “Whoever eats the Bread or drinks the Cup of the Lord unworthily, will be guilty of the Body and the Blood of the Lord” (1 Cor. 11:27). But they spurn and despise this warning; and before their sins are expiated, before they have made a confession of their crime, before their conscience has been purged in the ceremony and at the hand of the priest, before the offense against an angry and threatening Lord has been appeased, they do violence to his Body and Blood; and with their hands and mouth they sin against the Lord more than when they denied Him….”

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    • The issue is not about “usefulness.” It’s about “access, access, access.” 😡 The socio-economic barriers to presenting one’s physical self in a parish church are considerable.

      • The author is making the distinction between “active” vs “contemplative”, often characterized as difference between Martha & Mary: Luke 10:38-42

        • I am aware of the side-effects of what many label as “activism.” The most destructive one is, without a doubt, burnout.

          That said, I always keep in mind this story told about a desert father called Abba Silvanus:

          A brother went to see Abba Silvanus on the mountain of Sinai. When he saw the brothers working hard, he said to the old man, “Do not labor for the food that perishes. Mary has chosen the good portion.”

          The old man said to a disciple, “Zacharias, give the brother a book, and put him in a cell without anything else.”

          So when the ninth hour came, this brother watched the door, expecting someone would be sent to call him to the meal. When no one called him, he got up, went to find the old man, and said to him, “Have the brothers not eaten today?”

          The old man replied that they had.

          Then he said, “Why did you not call me?”

          The old man said to him, “Because you are a spiritual man and do not need that kind of food. We, being carnal, want to eat, and that is why we work. But you have chosen the good portion and read the whole day long, and you do not want to eat carnal food.”

          When he heard these words, the brother made a prostration, saying, “Forgive me, Abba.”

          The old man said to him, “Mary needs Martha. It is really thanks to Martha that Mary is praised.”

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          • P.S.—I am reminded. As a result of ongoing scandals, meeting one-on-one with clergy will be another practice of the past. For everyone’s safety, counseling will either have to provided in a licensed, professional setting or by a parish-team. If not more money, this requires more work.

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    I can’t always tell the difference between satirical #humor and reality: “Chelsea Clinton stated it would be “unchristian” if she were to believe in God, read her Bible, or otherwise act in a way consistent with faith in God…Clinton claimed the sincere, biblical conviction that believing in God and reading His Word are necessary aspects of the Christian life is a belief that reveals evangelicals’ hatred toward women…”

    • Apparently it is not unchristian to know more than the mind of Christ Jesus who is revealed to us in The Word of God and as The Word of God. It would be unchristian to believe that there is a creation of God. The Wizard of Oz has really created the world. Who is this really, Wiz?

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    The purifying chastisement continues: “… #Vignon says he had family members in the resistance and that the region’s freedom-fighting history helped inspire his own decision to break ranks and call publicly for the resignation of Cardinal Philippe #Barbarin , archbishop of Lyon since 2002. Vignon faults the cardinal’s handling of a notorious alleged pedophile priest suspected of abusing Lyon boy scouts in the 1980s… Vignon is particularly buoyant because his petition on has just garnered its 100,000th signature… Rome’s mounting cover-up #scandal is going global…”

  • While we were ‘waiting for the next shoe to drop’: “20 of 39 #Dutch cardinals, bishops and auxiliaries ‘covered up #sexualAbuse , allowing perpetrators to cause many more victims’, report says… Most of the accused clerics have since died… They are the latest in a slew of assault allegations against the Catholic church spanning several continents. People in Australia, Europe, and North and South America have charged they were sexually abused by clergymen and lay people…In August, Pope Francis declined to comment on a claim that he ignored sexual abuse allegations against a senior clergyman in the US. On Wednesday, the German Catholic church said it was it was “dismayed and ashamed” by decades of alleged child sex abuse by priests…” (Numerous criminal investigations show that the great majority of offenders were ordained during or shortly after the ‘Spirit of Vatican II’ collapse of Catholic seminaries in the 1960s. Dr. Peter #Kwasniewski has referred to this as the era of “self-loathing Catholicism”.)

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  • “When an aggressive Evangelical challenges me for having a crucifix in church, one of my favorite apologetic one liners is to say, ‘We believe the Bible. Don’t you know 1 Corinthians 1:23, where Paul says, “We preach Christ and him crucified?”’ As a convert one of the stunning eye-openers was when I stopped to realize that it is only the Catholic Church (and the Eastern Orthodox) who not only preach, but venerate Christ and him crucified. We have crucifixes. Crucifixes ‘R’ Us…”

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