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    “…prosperity is impossible without a strong and robust moral foundation. If the law facilitates such evils as no-fault divorce, widespread pornography , fornication , infidelity and adultery , along with a denigration of the vocation to motherhood , funneling most of the young women into full-time “career” paths, then the destruction of the family , the bedrock of economic and societal stability, is all but assured. When we add easy access to, even fully funded, contraception and abortion , we should not be surprised when we see fewer and fewer children each year; and how does one build an economy without families , and what few people that are left are aging, displaced, atomized, uprooted and aimless?… true conservatism is not essentially a matter of politics and law but… religion, family, morality, literature, traditions, manners and mores. Such customs, as Thomas (Aquinas) puts it, have the force of law, abolish law and interpret law…”