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    “…The relative silence of our pulpits has helped plunged us into our current moral morass. Do we have the courage and integrity to face this? I’m not talking about pastors and leaders becoming political…But I am talking about pastors and leaders …speaking the truth in love, regardless of cost or consequence. Confronting sin in the church as well as in the society. Conforming to the image of God rather than the image of the world. Concentrating on obedience more than relevance, on pleasing God more than entertaining people. I’m talking about pastors and leaders who are more concerned with divine approval than with human approval…What shocks me is that so many people are shocked. It’s as if they had no idea we still believe what we have always believed. But there’s a reason for that. How many pastors and leaders have preached even one clear message on the Bible and homosexuality in the last year?…”