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    Christian compassion needs to be balanced with reality. Unfortunately ‘Democrat partisan ideologues’ and ‘reality’ are increasingly incompatible: “Nearly half of illegal immigrant minors under the age of 5 recently detained at the U.S./Mexico border cannot be returned because their putative parents have criminal records that include abduction, murder, and child abuse. DNA evidence has shown that some of the so-called parents have no real relationship to children they claim as their own…’…human traffickers have used children to cross the border to gain illegal entry.’ According to DHS and the Department of Justice, 46 of the 103 children currently in custody who are under 5 years old would not be safe with the adults who brought them to the country. Some of the adults are languishing in prison for murder, child abuse, and kidnapping. Other adults provided false proof of birth or had sought to place a child with a known child sex abuser. A dozen adult aliens were deported but declined to take their children with them …”

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    • Unfortunately, before all this blew up, it was also discovered that criminals who made it over would first target … fellow immigrants! Trying to Crack these cases is virtually impossible because the victim must be willing to press charges. Often, the victim finds him/herself unable to make this very first step. Police cannot simply pull people off the street based on suspicion; “knowledge” that a person is a gang member may not be admissible as evidence in court because it does not, in of itself, prove a crime was committed.

      It’s all a mess.