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    “…Ratzinger dared to say that the Church’s very being had been called into question when Paul VI declared the old Mass forbidden…a liturgy the Church had celebrated…in the core of it, for 1,500 years. The longing for this treasure of faith was mocked, stepped on, suppressed, treated as a form of disobedience, arrogance, or neurosis. And the haunting question rises up: ‘Can the Church be trusted any more about anything else? Won’t it proscribe tomorrow what it prescribes today?’…Have we not seen, in the most dramatic way possible, how that which was yesterday universally taught and understood to be intrinsically evil, namely, attempted remarriage after divorce, is now deemed a step in the right direction, the best some people can do, worthy of reconciliation and holy communion…we are either going to fight against it with all our might, or sign off on the self-destruction of the only institution left in the world that stands for the intrinsic good of marriage and family and the intrinsic evil of all that opposes them…Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition… equally binds the lofty and the lowly.”