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    “…I was baptized Greek Orthodox. I was catechized Greek Orthodox…I come from an incense-scented #Byzantine world that would be horrified to see what passes for liturgy in so much of our aching, suffering, post-Vatican II… Church. Why did I make my way to Catholicism…?…Catholicism was the one faith I had never considered, intellectually or otherwise…I am a Catholic because the Catholic Church is Christianity as spoken of in the Acts of the Apostles…something tangible and solid and unwavering…I see the pain of so many Catholics today, people who have kept this treasure alive long enough for me to find it at the eleventh hour… I see a longing toward the Eastern Orthodox, with their reverence and their indifference to the concerns of Protestants and modernists on liturgical matters, among other things…The Orthodox rejection of doctrinal development is precisely why they have directly changed doctrine…”