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    “…The Catholic Faith comes to us from God…The content of that Faith is…determined by Christ and handed down in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium – with the Magisterium understood NOT as anything and everything that emanates from bishops or popes, but as the CUMULATIVE public, official, definitive, and universal teaching of the Church enshrined in dogmatic canons and decrees, anathemas, bulls, encyclicals, and other instruments of teaching—in harmony with the foregoing…At a time when Catholics are confused about whether and how a pope can go wrong, it seems useful to compile examples in three categories: (1) times when the popes were guilty of grave personal immorality; (2) times when popes connived at or with heresy, or were guilty of a harmful silence or ambiguity in regard to heresy; (3) times when popes taught (albeit not ex cathedra) something heretical, savoring of heresy, or harmful to the faithful…about 90 of the preconciliar popes are revered as saints or blesseds, which is 33.83%…is there anyone who fails to behold in these numbers the evident hand of Divine Providence?…”