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    “…In our literal, verbal world we have difficulties with signs…A sign from heaven cannot be reduced to a particular specific message, dogma or moral principle. Instead a sign operates on a deeper, more intuitive level. It is a mystery, and a mystery is something that can be experienced even if it cannot be explained. The sign of the weeping madonna is therefore something greater than any one specific message. Instead it holds many messages within one experience…I see the Blessed Mother crying to heaven for vengeance for all four of these sins in America, and I see that judgement about to fall. So how do you read the signs of the times? Don’t ask too many questions and resist the temptation to pin the event down to one particular meaning because you will invariably choose a meaning that suits your own agenda and your prejudices. Instead stop and wonder and open your heart. Just behold it in silence and feel her sorrow and enter her grief…”