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    “…From time immemorial, the “uninterrupted Christian tradition” regarding #contraception was never in doubt, as Pope Pius XI reaffirmed in 1930. It wasn’t an issue during the Protestant Reformation, and for centuries thereafter Protestants were undivided in their assent that contraception constituted a moral evil that was harmful to marriage and family life. But the twentieth century’s eroding sexual mores, to which the Church of England was the first to capitulate when it sanctioned contraception at its 1930 Lambeth Conference, led to a hostile reception, even among many Catholics, when #HumanaeVitae appeared in 1968…Much of Church teaching, particularly regarding morals (including fornication), is definitively (and therefore infallibly) taught without a solemn definition…when a pope reaffirms the Church’s “constant teaching,” as Paul VI did in issuing Humanae Vitae, the definitive character of such papal pronouncements is rooted in the constant #tradition …”

    • Catholic Priests were uncovering the hormonal process of human fertility in the growing technocratic landscape of radical individualism fostered by ill conceived notions of freedom in America when the destruction of family advocated by Lenin was promoted by Maoists who were birthing gender ideology while moving toward one child policies. Powers and Principalities are the originators knowing that unbridled production and the pollution of the human environment with the hormones that produce puberty and influence the nature of the human person made male and female would climax upon the gender ideology of Maoist origins. China’s Women in China report originally published in the 1950s is not controlled copy, but find a copy that the communists have not destroyed in order to complete revisionist history, a keystone of Maoist thought.
      The human mind did not have big data big enough to conceive of this interleaving of the destructive capacities of capitalism and consumerism hurtling hormones in massive quantities and the socialist state politics of radical feminism as a weapon against family and the moral norms of human society to enforce party dictatorship. Satan did this as the piece d’resistance of the hundred year reign in which to destroy the church foretold by Pope Leo.
      How can the technocratic ideologs believe in the mythical “gay gene” and claim that a person is born gay while claiming that male and female are social constructs? Empathy for the “gay gene” proposition with antipathy for the truth of human sexuality and the beauty of chastity. This is clearly one of Satan’s best tricks and just a recoinage of the oldest human economy. Where is my belt and staff?