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    “…Not content to promote slaughter of preborn infants at every opportunity, the [USA Democrat] political party of death widens its hostility to threatening anyone who would dare offer an alternative to the no-choice movement of pro-abortionism.…It’s not unusual to describe an election cycle as being critically important. But that grows truer by the year as unhinged political leftists grow increasingly dishonest, desperate, and violent against traditional people, even while deeply propagandistic dominant media pretend that the trouble comes from the right. There’s no one more morally arrogant than a leftist who denounces “imposing your morality on me” while he battles like an ayatollah to impose his anti-humanity fanaticism on everyone…Nor are leftists’ vile assaults against moral tradition confined to the U.S…With the U.S. Democratic Party increasingly flirting with militant socialism and the ills that entails…”

    • This requires prayers. Human persons of sane mind do not want mothers to destroy a child. Exorcism is the answer not politics nor rhetoric of any kind. This is evil formed of pride and avarice from the radical individualism of American nationalism. What besides exorcism is proper when facing this form of unbridled evil?
      There is no rhetoric of rational thought expressed by the desire to promote the destruction of children by the child’s mother with no alternative.
      This is the one child policy mindset of Mao’s China influenced by Sanger. Only exorcism can remove such unbridled evil from the human person infected by such hatred.