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    Need a systematic (preferably national) process to address the impediments to being buried as a Catholic: “…The Catholic Church still officially prefers earth burial, as imitative of Jesus Christ who lay in a tomb, to cremation…the Church has always frowned on cremation, whether motivated from pagan motives (think Vikings) or materialist philosophy that denied the Resurrection of the Body (think the Enlightenment). Even though the Church tolerates cremation, it still prefers the burial of its faithful. In 2016, the Holy See issued an instruction, Ad resurgendum cum Christo, reiterating the Church’s preference for earth burial and making clear that certain increasingly common contemporary practices, such as keeping the ashes of one’s deceased at home or scattering them on beaches, at sea, or in the Grand Canyon, is incompatible with the regard a Catholic should show for the human body (which was the temple of the Holy Spirit). The most cursory survey of dioceses shows that instruction has generated neither a bang nor a whimper….”