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    “…with some hailing a diplomatic coup by the Vatican that draws China closer to the West and others warning of an important defeat for the principle of religious freedom…some U.S. diplomats, are concerned the pope is conceding a strong influence over church leadership to an avowedly atheist authoritarian regime… The two sides are close to signing even though China’s government has recently intensified a crackdown on Christians and other religious groups, through measures including closing churches and removing religious symbols…The deal is thus expected to stir criticism of the pope already under fire from within and outside the church for his handling of clerical sexual abuse…The Vatican had hoped to sign the deal in the spring, but needed several more months to overcome resistance from some Chinese Catholics…Both parties have agreed that the text of the agreement won’t be published even after it is signed…”

    • What happens when Pope Francis requests the re-assignment of these Bishops? I have not heard any critical analysis of this eventuality in such a landmark deal. Ideas?

      • Both parties have agreed that the text of the agreement won’t be published even after it is signed–so who knows??

        • Then the Pope would be authorizing a schismatic sect of Bishops and forcing those who remain faithful to Rome out at the same time?
          Accepting reassignment, (not, the surgery, let’s hope) on the request of the Pope would come with the territory, I believe.
          So, that was my question. What do these central committee raised stock fish do when they start to swim alongside the fish from the open “See?”