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    The ‘ #BenedictOption ’ does NOT mean abandoning the Church: “When faced with an ecclesial crisis of apocalyptic proportions, what are faithful Catholics to do: Stay on and fight for the Bride of Christ, no matter how vile her captors might be? Or shall we yield to the scandal we all feel in our heart and abandon Mother Church in pursuit of the illusion of greener pastures… is there any point to being a votary of a religion if it is not true?…Though one could create a weighty list of Orthodox clerical corruption–from decades of criminal collaboration with homicidal communist authorities to luxury, venality, and, yes, occasional sexual abuse–in the end it is a fool’s errand to make endless opposing tallies of clerical deviance, Catholic vs. Orthodox, because, when all is said and done, the tallies won’t decide the theological question…Orthodoxy is intellectually moribund. To excuse it on the basis of an attachment to ritualism and mysticism is most deceptive. Let’s not confuse stultification with stability…”