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    Rename Margaret Sanger Square In New York City
    (Published in The Wanderer (

    Twentieth-century Spanish philosopher George Santayana once wrote the aphorism: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
    In America 2017, there is a movement to erase the names of any historical figures deemed racist from all monuments, roads, highways, and schools. So, by the way things have gone in Charlottesville, Va., and in many other parts of our nation, it certainly looks like we are destined to repeat the past.
    If this is the way we are going, then I say that two can play this game. If we are going to do away with any public symbol of the Confederacy, then we must also do away with all public monuments of racism everywhere.
    I encourage all pro-life Americans to sign the petition I created to remove the dreadful name of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger from the public square located at the intersection of Mott Street and Bleecker Street in Manhattan.
    Sanger is the founder of Planned Parenthood and her legacy is anti-life and racist, as has been documented many times. Planned Parenthood began by promoting birth control and later devolved into being a promoter and supplier of legalized abortion.
    You can point out to other his…[Read more]

  • A Catholic guide to trick-or-treat – Be careful what you do.

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    This is what happens when an Aer Lingus flight is delayed.

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    @admin – I changed my email address a few months ago, and I get this message:
    There is a pending change of your email address to
    Check your email ( for the verification link, or cancel the pending change.

    I cannot check my verification link through my old email address,, because it no longer exist. I want the new email address in my records so that I can continue receiving email notifications. Help!

    • I nthink you have to send everyone you want notified from your new email address and just forget the one you think you delelted but probably all that happened is it isn’t accessible using the normal email address as when things are deleted they are not removed from every storage device for about 100 years than there is a good chance you are no longer in need of it and any historical information has really been removed to the point there is no knowledgeable understanding of what is left then they call the exterminator to fire it down to ashes. THIS IS A SCIENCE FICTION DEFFINITION. Good luck and pray a lot Your trusteed friend great grandpa jerry

    • Norm replied 2 weeks ago

      Hi Jess, I managed to change your email address on the system!

      • Thanks, Norm. Hope all’s well with you and family. Let me know when a Norm production is coming up on EWTN so that I can watch out for it. God bless you (even if you did not sneeze ☺).

  • The Birds – Not by Hitchcock but by Mother Nature.

    If only humans could be as peaceful, joyful, beautiful and perfectly harmonious as these starlings, our world would be a better place. We need a murmuration of the heart.

  • Do you know a pro-life college student? 40 Days for Life is offering a $4,040 scholarship.

  • In praise of Latin Mass – An article in (gulp!) the New York Times!

  • “If you can’t treat someone with dignity and respect, then get out.”

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    @jesspinosa Happy belated Birthday, my friend! xo :happybirthday:
    I know you had a very blessed day! :happynun:

  • Bringing joy to child refugees – hankies ready?

  • @crisriego @crisriego – Happy Birthday, Cris. How does it feel to be 25? May the day be a beautiful one, with lots of love surrounding you. God bless you (even if you did not sneeze!).

  • Meet a DACA priest – what will happen to him?

  • Did Mary appear in Fatima to convert the Muslims?

    The connections described between Mary, Mohammed, the Koran and the Muslims are so intriguing and believable.

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    • I came to this same conclusion myself a couple years back. First, when I realized Fatima was a Arab name. Second, when I learned Muslims believe in both Jesus and Mary. I also found it interesting that Guadalupe is an Arab name.

  • Your Sanctuary

    Susan’s schedule makes me dizzy, or envious, of all the energy she has. Mother of three — ages eight to thirteen — she is taxi driver, calendar coordinator, cook, consoler, house supervisor, and bottle washer. Susan’s husband commutes to work, leaving the house early and returning late, carried by the tide of freeway traffic. Susan also volunteers—at the local school and at her church, and she is involved in a local garden club.
    I ask her about sanctuary. She gives me a wistful look and says, “I wish.” And then she adds, “I’ll have time someday. That’s the good news. I just need to get through these years.” I believe her, and I know what it means to wait for better times before making plans for sanctuary. I ask her what she does when she has a small window of “Susan time.” Her answer is immediate: “A cappuccino in the breakfast nook off our kitchen that looks out at the bird feeders. I start making lists. But some days I just stare off or doodle. I love to doodle and sketch the birds I see. It’s nothing really.”
    We don’t give ourselves the permission to claim or own or embrace or name our sanctuaries, no matter how small or frivolous they may seem. Sanctuary is where you go to cherish your life. It’s where you practice being present. And it may not be th…[Read more]

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    Pro-life internship for young people available in NYC, Abortion Capital of the World (not a distinction to be proud of)

    If you know of any young people who would be interested in learning about pro-life, sidewalk counseling, pro-life issues, etc., here is a good place to start. We’ve met many of these interns from other states and foreign countries, and they are passionate, personable and intelligent people who are willing to work hard, all in the name of protecting the unborn.

  • @frcraig – Fr. Craig, this one’s for you. Haven’t heard from you for a long time.

  • Dear New York friends,
    Please join my Public Square Rosary Rally on Saturday, October 14, at 12 noon, to celebrate the centennial of Our Lady of Fatima’s apparition. Our location is excellent – at the intersection of Broadway, Columbus Ave. and West 64th St. People coming from or going to Lincoln Center can see us, as well as passengers of buses going in both directions in the two major avenues. We’ve had people stopping to ask what we are about, give us words of encouragement or join us in praying for a few minutes. We get photographed as well. This year, I will have my friend’s 7-year-old daughter distribute rosaries to the passersby – who can resist an angelic girl like her? We’re excited to give this gift to Our Lady of Fatima who has been so good to us and whose help we badly need during this tumultuous time in our world. Shall I expect to see you there? Please say YES, not to many but to Our Lady.

  • Heroic Priest Kayaks Into Flood to Offer Mass for Those Stranded by Hurricane Harvey

    Fr. David Bergerone – Truly a man of God. He calls himself Bodyguard of Christ – 👌

  • As we celebrate the centennial of the apparition of our Lady of Fatima, America Needs Fatima is holding its biggest annual Public Square Rosary Rally on Saturday, October 14, at 12 noon (regardless of time zone), with an expected 20,000 (or more) rosary rallies to be held on that day. We are recruiting more rally captains to organize rallies in their own communities. All it involves is a three-step process: 1) Invite family and friends to join you. 2) Choose a public space where you are visible to the public (a park, a parking lot, a busy intersection), 3) Pray on that date and time. ANF will provide you with a beautiful 9′ x 3′ anniversary banner (see photo) and a manual with everything you need (prayers, attendance sheet, etc.) If you feel invited by Our Lady of Fatima to be a rally captain, call 866-584-6012, or send me a message via Awestruck if you have any questions. For each rally captain who signs up, a red rose in his/her name will be sent to Fatima to form a large wreath to be laid at the site of the apparition on October 13 – a special gift and a blessing for you.

  • There is no party like a pro-life party

    Last Saturday, a couple from my pro-life group invited a group of other pro-lifers for their annual get-together in the backyard of their home. The weather was just perfect – sunny, low humidity, slight breeze. Present were two Franciscan friars, three Sisters of Life, four Pro Bikers for Life, and a young man named Liam, who came with his parents. I met Liam about three years ago at a pro-life vigil. He was a seminarian then and he asked me to pray for him, and I did. The first thing I asked was what his status was on his way to the priesthood. I thought he would say a transitional deacon, but to my pleasant surprise, he said he was ordained last June! He gave me his first blessing and had a nice conversation with his parents. They are such a nice couple, no surprise that they have produced a priest.

    My contribution to the party was a mango souffle cake on which I asked the guy at the store to write “Pro Life Forever.” In the midst of many other dessert treats, it held its own, but no one touched the part of the cake with those words!

    When Pro Bikers and Sisters of Life are in the same place, it was inevitable that a spin around the neighborhood would happen, and it did. The Sisters, wearing helmets, had fun, and we…[Read more]

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