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  • Getting excited that Advent is upon us! All the wonderful activities we do as a family has me singing happy tunes!

  • Dreams are a weird thing, especially when you dream of someone you didn’t know died and the dream leads you to find this out. I pray for the dead every day. The strangest thing abt this dream is my friend told me St. Joseph likes to be called Papa. I wonder if that is true? Something to find out when I die, I guess.

    • That’s interesting Lisa. Dreams are quite obscure sometimes…and you wish to have clarity on its meaning. Apart from that…I hope you continue to have ‘sweet’ dreams!! God bless.

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    I was watching a PBS special with a neurologist who said a high fat, gluten free, sugar free diet is best. High fat as in avocados, fish, grain fed beef and chicken, olive oil, etc. He said the low fat, carb filled diet is what causes both diabetes and neurological issues of the older generation and diabetes is linked to Alzheimer’s, as is high sugar/ carb diets. My Grandma had that, God rest her soul, and was a carby eater. Got me thinking for sure! Low glycemic, high good fats, gluten and sugar free diet may in be my future…

    • I am experimenting with a low carb diet – essentially trying to cut out bread for now (only eat 7 to 8 slices a day excluding the rest of my carbs). Already in the last 2 weeks, I can feel the difference!!

      • Onlyโ€ฆ. 8 slices? Wowโ€ฆ. Get to my stage (no bread) and youโ€™ll really feel a massive difference. Well done for cutting down, though. Hereโ€™s to a much healthier lifestyle. Cheers!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wow, that is really interesting. Wish I would have known about the program.

      • If I knew you’d like it, i would have texted you!! Sorry, Lisa. I do not each much starch on a daily basis…except for Sunday. Pasta and Italians…lol!

  • WHY does my diocese have to be so liberal?!

  • Doing great this Lent with our family journey. We say the rosary daily, have a little Lenten book of reflections, started the St. Joseph’s Novena on Monday, and are implementing the Angelus at noon! Off FB (& may not go back for much after Lent), being more prayerful ( more than usual, which I am pretty good normally), and of course, it is wonderful! Hope Lent is meaningful for you!


    I saw a great Catechism study on here and also a great Bible study! Score!

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    • Formation! That’s what it’s all about. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

      • Yes! It truly is! Now if I can help my CCD class in a very liberal parish where it seems to be okay to not come when baseball sign ups happen! :(. I am on a search to bring anything and everything to these 7th graders! And I stumbled on this! The Holy Spirit is definitely listening to my pleas!

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    Made a Dutch Apple Pie tonight. Was sooooo good, especially warm. And it helped use up some apples. I hate waste!

    • Waste not, want not. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

      • yum. I need to get better at making pies. Problem is the crust. Now that I have chickens I would love to make quiche. Plus I have frozen plums I need to use. I end up just buying a crust and I feel badly about it.

      • ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Laura, I have an easy crust recipe I throw right into the food processor. Otherwise, sometimes i cheat, like with this pie, and use a graham cracker crust, which actually comes out yummy! Just brush some egg and bake for 8 min to get it crustier! Lol! Apple pies are easy peasy (although I love baking and do go all out with some pies and cakes!)

  • Just checking in. Yes, it is 4:11, but I added wood to the fire! That is the only good thing about waking up so often. And the quiet time is great for prayer!

    • Morning Lisa….happy Friday!!

    • These quiet night hours – I know them well and they are great for prayer!

      • I remember the year we had green wood. It was not dry enough to have a great fire and so hard to start. This was when we had our first baby. It would take 30 mins to start, then I would nurse my baby for 30 mins, sleep one hour and get up to check the fire and nurse him again. He nursed every 2 hours day and night until her was 9 months old. Wow I was tired…almost crazy too.

      • Yes, Norm. With kids, that is sometimes just what the Holy Spirit orders…quiet time Momma needs to pray without distractions! :). Laura, I remember the nursing days and never sleeping much! I have so much catching up to do! ;). But, sometimes my body thinks it needs to get up! Grrr! Lol!

  • Lisa TheTeacher posted an update in the group Group logo of Catholic KitchenCatholic Kitchen 4 years, 1 month ago

    Pasta fagioli Ash Wed, pizza today! Mmmmm! I do enjoy meatless meals. We are not meatless on Fridays during the year, but did start last Friday. Are any of you meatless on Fridays? I have to say, bad catechesis had me not always knowing everything. Cradle Catholic!! Well, learning and relearning. We are going to remain meatless. Was a popular family decision, so it will not be hard to switch. Boy I love these guys for being so open to God!!

    • We ended up having eggs and toast Wednesday. I am not sure what to make tonight. I need to go to the grocery store, so I will google some recipes. It needs to be easy as my son has an altar serving practice tonight and it is 50 mins away. He is learning how to serve for the High Mass. I have some left over potatoes I am going to fry and melt cheese on for lunch and fry up eggs, plus fruit on the side.

  • I have to say, God truly watches out for me and my family. Caught in a messy snowstorm yesterday, and my slippery truck did not slip at all (yes, I was praying the whole ride). Had another important place to be tonight, and as soon as I left, it was sleeting, but God delivered us safely there and home. God is so good! God is AWESOME!

  • No snow, sun is shining, God is good. Have a great day!

  • Seton Catholic Homeschooling Moms is up and running for anyone who uses anything by Seton!

  • Wonderful to be here. I love my garden. We are attempting to gate off and area and have raised beds. I am big on vegetable gardening and have an awesome deck garden. Deer keep me from just having a regular, out there garden. Now, it Spring would only come and the snow would stop saying hi…

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    • We plan on having raised beds this year too. It will probably be a lot of solo work on my part. My husband goes for surgery in 2 months and will be off of his feet for 3-6 months. I am glad that I have fallen in love with it. I just can’t skip over it this year. I am probably making everyone itch for Spring having started this group while it is still winter.

      • Sorry to hear about your husband. I will pray. โ—

        • Thank you. This will be his third surgery. He fell 10 feet and shattered his heel. His is in a lot of pain and has a permanent disability from the injury. They are fusing the heel joint in the next surgery. It’s going to be a harder surgery and recovery than the last two. But the sun will be shinny by then and we will get through and make the best of it. Thank God for my faith. He also suffers greatly from colitis. Hasn’t been able to go into remission for 6 years. Poor guy, the steroids he has been stuck on gave him shingles and he suffered permanent nerve damage from that too. I feel so badly for him.

          • Oh Laura, my hubby was in construction and 11 yrs ago, while on the crane section securing it, the crane operator pulled him out (he was attached), and his whole back and hip…now has a titanium cage and needs a hip replacement, which they won’t do bec of his age. 7 surgeries later, he too is disabled. Prayers for you and your hubby. It is not easy. My hubby has nerve damage, too. It is terrible! Our Lady really pulled us through and made my hubby faithful!

            • That is terrible sounding Lisa. Just horrible. My husband would travel far away for 3-4 months every summer for work (this has been going on for 12 years). He had been praying for a couple of years to not have to leave us anymore. This was not the answer to his prayers he was looking for, however God has allowed it and our little (big to most) family will not be apart like that again. There are many trials, as I am not without my own health issues and broken body (very bad spine, broke it in a car accident)…but God gets us through day in and day out. There is much Joy in life. Have been learning the balance between joy and suffering. I no longer get frustrated with God….he has allowed all this, must accept and allow him to help.

              • You guys are an inspiration, truly. It has not been easy the last decade to decade and a half with all of my husband’s health problems, and as you know, we have gone right to the “sickness” part of the “for sickness and health.” I have been really focusing these last months on being joyful and thankful and you both are helping me in that, truly! ๐Ÿ™‚

                • Lisa it is truly hard when your plate is very full. I will continue to pray for you. My husband and I came up with a motto 2 years ago. For some reason it has really helped me/us out. “Life is the adventure and the task”.

                  • Agreed! ^. I jave gotten to a point where it is fine. We get by and have each other and that is what is impt…family, faith, God, and some friends. It is all I need! ๐Ÿ™‚

                • Well. We can all support each other and if God handed it to us, it is bec He knew we could handle it! I tell my hubby this. He got to see hos kids grow. Yes, these are not great circumstances, but look for the gift in everything. Sadly, his friend was killed the next month bec of the negligence at the job. The crane guy dropped a pile of lumber off the building and killed Craig, who was 34 w 3 little kids. I truly belive no matter what, look for the gift! Don’t focus on the bad bec it can always be worse!

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