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  • @thegoodlife Anne-Marie Williams, Thank you for advertising Hawk Nelson. I bought that CD Diamonds on Amazon. I gave it to the used bookstore when I moved in 2015. I still get the music on that album on my Amazon music app on my smartphone or ipod or something though. Great song. Thank you. Regards, Michael Griffin p.s. I will Messenger the You Tube version of Thank God for Something to Fr. Jim Gigliotti, TOR. I like the pretty girls in that video.

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  • @mgriffin2 We are very happy happy for the Pope Francis to our Country Colombia really he is an great persons and enlight to the Holy Spirit. we to love to Pope and he been very happy here.God bless our Country with their visit.

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    I got this Shroud of Turin as created in oil on canvas by Ember Canada. Mine is a print on canvas only.

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  • @annececil16 :hi: Recent news from USA: Pope Francis Urbi et Orbi Address includes, \”May the joy of this day [Christmas] illumine the efforts of the Columbian people so that, inspired by hope, they may continue their commitment to working for the desired peace.\” Also this is news from the American National Football League: Charean Williams, cjwilliams@startelegram.com, writes that Dez Bryant is somewhat injured, \”earned All-Pro honors for the first time last season, has 31 catches for 401 yards and three touchdowns this season,\” Star-Telegram, Saturday, December 26, 2015, Sports section, p. 1B.

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    • Hi Michael.Thank you and we are very happy for the Pope Francis.He know very much our Country and our situation,please pry for the peace in Colombia are an realty soon.Blessings and. Happy new year.
      Congratulations for the news of the League of football.

  • Hi Norm,
    Awestruck should use gofundme. I believe gofundme uses WePay instead of PayPal. WePay does not fund Planned Parenthood. PayPal does according to my best info from fightpp.org, Life Decisions International. Catholic celebrity Mom and US Winter Olympian raised ten or twenty thousand dollars or so on GoFundMe for her literal medical fees for a baby with a heart defect. True story. I was telling you and another guy that to advertise GoFundMe, okay? Merry Christmas.

  • “At the heart of the priesthood is sacrifice; the sacrifice of the Mass where Christ gives himself for the salvation of the world, and the sacrifice of the priest who offers his life for his people.” Bishop Cunningham of the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle, England.

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    \”12:1-17. We are now introduced to the contenders in the eschatological battles which mark the final confrontation between God and his adversary, the devil. The author uses three portents to describe the leading figures involved, and the war itself. The first is the woman and her offspring, including the Messiah (12:1-2); the second is the dragon, who will later transfer his power to the beasts (12:3); the third, the seven angels with the seven bowls (15:1).
    Three successive confrontations with the dragon are described- 1) that of the Messiah to whom the woman gives birth (12:1-6); 2) that of St. Michael and his angels (12:7-12); and 3) that of the woman and the rest of her offspring (12:13-17). These confrontations should not be seen as being in chronological order. They are more like three distinct pictures placed side by side because they are closely connected: in each the same enemy, the devil, does battle with God\’s plans and with those whom God uses to carry them out.\” Casciaro, Jose Maria, Editor. \”The Navarre Bible, The Revelation to John (The Apocalypse).\” Four Courts Press. Dublin. Scepter Publishers. New York. ISBN 978-1-85182-911-8. Page 80.

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    For Sunday, November 15, 2015, the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, I will pray the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary.

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    I am juxtaposing from Encyclical Laudato Si: “98. Jesus lived in full harmony with creation, and others were amazed: “What sort of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him?” (Mt 8:27). His appearance was not that of an ascetic set apart from the world, nor of an enemy to the pleasant things of life. Of himself he said: “The Son of Man came eating and drinking and they say, ‘Look, a glutton and a drunkard!’” (Mt 11:19). He was far removed from philosophies which despised the body, matter and the things of the world. Such unhealthy dualisms, nonetheless, left a mark on certain Christian thinkers in the course of history and disfigured the Gospel. Jesus worked with his hands, in daily contact with the matter created by God, to which he gave form by his craftsmanship. It is striking that most of his life was dedicated to this task in a simple life which awakened no admiration at all: “Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary?” (Mk 6:3). In this way he sanctified human labour and endowed it with a special significance for our development. As Saint John Paul II taught, “by enduring the toil of work in union with Christ crucified for us, man in a way collaborates with the Son of God for the redemption of humanity”.[79]” against “EWTN App

    Matthew 6:24…[Read more]

  • @miriamwesten :hi: I have ordered your and Mr. Paul Sofranko\’s book from Amazon. In 1991, an angel foretold my divorce in 2000 and that in 2015 I would find the \”up to you\” method described in Mr. Alden M. Mills\’ book, \”Be Unstoppable, The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything.\” First find the why and second you will find the way. The angel\’s words were, \”She will not love you and she will leave you and then it will be up to you.\” I believe that evangelism is my why, and I am willing to spend about $26.00 to read your book to learn. So thank you.

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    • U SAW AN ANGEL??

      • Yes. I saw Purgatory, Perdition and something that looked like Unit 731 in Manchuquo. And I heard the angel say those words like I just wrote in my above post today. The angel said that everything would be okay.

        • HMMM…….

          • :hi: Since I started this dialogue and have been reading 1 Samuel 3 where Eli asks Samuel to hide nothing of what God said, I want to add that I saw the abyss of perdition in a moment where I believed that I was the Messiah or words to that effect, the Christ, the One, the Central Man or whatever. So now I know for certain at least that I am not the Messiah. I do believe that Jesus, son of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth who died about 2000 years ago, is the Messiah and lives eternally in some way that is currently unclear to my humble mind. Thank you for listening.

            • DO U LIVE IN COLORADO 😉

              • Dear Victoria Lindbergh Rizzi,

                How are you? I am well. So that you know I am sincere I will tell you my location: 517 Tish Circle Apt. 2103, Arlington, TX 76006. On 11/25/15, I have to move home with my mother’s house located at 1301 W. Lavender Ln., Arlington, TX 76013; which is the address I had used to join Mr. Anton Levay’s Church of Satan in about 1990. So be careful about coming over to my mother’s house and such, because I care very much about my mother and so does Jesus. Okay? Have a good day please.

                Mr. Michael Griffin

    • Thanks @mgriffin2 God bless 🙂

  • @joanandtherese :hi: Have you heard of this George Bernard Shaw play? The Wikipedia summary about St. Joan choosing death rather than being denied walks through the country makes me think of the scene in The Fisher King where they want to produce a show about the homeless… they’re wacky but they’re wise and the kicker is they like being homeless. Not true, but it makes you think. In a way, this odd obvious lie brings me closer to God. I know that St. Joan chose death rather than to say that St. Joan had disobeyed the Holy Trinity. She gave her life in truth in obedience to God, not because she was threatened with deprivation of walks in the country. Since George Bernard Shaw wrote Pygmalian, do you find value in literary licence regarding the subject of St. Joan of Arc? One may think for oneself, at least. Cheers.

    • I am studying Sr. Marie Therese CSS Bible Study about Job 1:6 “One day, when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, Satan also came among them.” The NAB footnote to Psalm 82 says, “As in Ps 58, the pagan gods are seen as subordinate divine beings to whom Israel’s God had delegated oversight of the foreign countries in the beginning (Dt 32, 8-9 LXX). Now God arises in the heavenly assembly (1) to rebuke the unjust “gods” (2-4), who are stripped of divine status and reduced in rank to mortals (5-7). They are accused of misruling the earth by not upholding the poor. A short prayer for universal justice concludes the psalm (8).” So I don’t know how France’s destiny affects Israel or if George Bernard Shaw violated the Pope’s authority or the Magesterium’s authority. I would expect that George Bernard Shaw’s play was licit, wouldn’t you? It just makes me think about how do normal people deal with evil concepts like Jesus’ crucifixion or St. Joan of Arc being burned alive on green wood. Children could sympathize with good things like walks in the country. I am glad of the reality of heaven.

    • Understood, sir. I like to walk in the countryside out near Isle du Bois State Park near or in Pilot Point, TX. I bid you good day.

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