• Michael Koopman posted an update 4 months ago

    Schachter (1951) is the compound with Bear Woznick that clarifies the political agenda within the manipulation of authority (power) by money. Money, Sex and Power are the “Holy Trinity” of socioeconomic macro-controls and political campaign manipulation.
    These are not the same salient features of the color system utilized by the national socialist faction. These are the umbilical of Satan within the world, however. The unnerving fear of nuclear devastation is held in higher esteem by the former German scientists who previously dictated the color of subatomic charms within the “neutral” network of stenography, disinformation and secure communications. Alarmist venues are not as effective since Johnny the delinquent is now socially acceptable, even in much part, politically correct.
    The human person and especially the genius of women is the focal element based on statistical methods, presumably. However, this attests still to the influence of the presidency of the US. It is simply the most effective arena in which to be clear of any spotlight to which misogynist views are blinded.
    God works mysteriously with faith and works. I better understand Bear Woznick by seeing the selectivity in brands which graphically cluster socially related elements such as those suffering from the harm inflicted by men not living up to what it is to be men. Harder hearts than these wounded persons I am not capable of reaching. This does not mean the truth of Christ is not still present among those who have pushed the alarmist agenda beyond utility to the works of Satan in all things but death. Death is the ultimate goal for Satan who kills and casts into the fire of Gehenna.
    Truth shines brighter in darkness, whether the cat is dead or alive when observed.