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  • I risk convincing @jesspinosa that I’ll be doing this some day 😉 but I stumbled across this site while searching for MORE YouTube videos on the Camino. I just started watching these, but apparently these two Catholic women from Poland did the Way in 2016 and filmed a video for each day! (For those who might not be able to actually do it in real life, like me, I suppose! LOL) Anyway, there’s a link to their main site : and all their videos (they have more stuff than just Camino vids.). One thing I like about these, is that they’re unabashedly CATHOLIC (at least so far.) References to starting out the day first b visiting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, gratitude to the Blessed Mother for the weather and the like. Right now I’m on the second video (Day 1 of their journey)

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    Sorry, but it\’s been over a month since i last was here. Certain reasons I won\’t get into but mostly illness. On December 18th I was hospitalized from the ER with a staph infection in my bloodstream (from an infected cut in my arm) which carried the infection to my heart and lungs. I have pneumonia, which might be lessening. The wound in the arm is healing from the operation done to take care of the infected cut. Septic emboli (use Google) were found in lungs and they also feared for the heart, but the ol\’ ticker is fine.

    I was discharged from the hospital on Christmas Eve and have been home since. My wife is taking great care of me, giving me my antibiotics (via IV flush) and making certain I am taking my respiration meds (I was on a nebulizer several times a day for breathing, which is still a little difficult, now I\’m just on an inhaler for that.

    I am expected to be home from work for at least six weeks (till mid-February.)

    As I said, breathing is difficult at times, but much better. I am mostly very fatigued (all I want to do is nap) and my vision is a little blurry. Mostly, but not always in the evenings. The tiredness is a side effect of the antibiotics (every 8 hours) and the vision from the breathing treatment.

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    Hipster Nativity set.

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    Bye! See ya! Adios!

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    • Norm replied 1 year ago

      Seriously? This is like a US version of Brexit.

      • Everyone threatens to secede at one time or another. Texas wanted to after Obama was elected (or after Obamacare was passed, I forget.)

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    • Norm replied 1 year ago

      Times are changing… I was thinking… How about the White House move to Texas?

  • Almost over…just one more day… and then the election is over…

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    • …and my guy didn’t win… (Of course, I voted third-party as I can’t stand Donald OR Hillary. Minor parties NEVER win, but do provide a moral option…))

    • I live in New York State, where Hillary was going to win no matter WHAT she did. Someone could present evidence of her having been a card-carrying member of the Communist Party or a photo of her roasting small children, and she STILL would have won. Under our electoral rules (the Electoral College) it was safe for me to vote third party. We essentially have no “national popular vote.” (Which is as it should be.)

  • 2017 Prayer Intentions are out!

  • :hi:

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  • @anastpaul @chels @admin @catholicteacher

    When last we heard, that Cute Little Black Cat (i.e. “CLBC”) (with white paws and bib) was seen wandering around out behind the house just last week.

    Contact with cat was made…because I felt heartstring tugged and kibble was placed outside…….which was happily eaten by CLBC.

    And so Yours Truly went out there one eve while CLBC was chowing down on kibble and petted her. (This is how things start accelerating)

    CLBC responding with head butts and “scenting” (whatever it’s called, when cat draws body along your shin/leg/nearest available body part.)

    And purrs. Lotsa purrs.

    CLBC didn’t even mind being picked up. (CLBC is a girl)

    Anyhow… been feeding and watering daily.

    STRONGLY suggested to my wife Rosey that we NOT name her… becuse, well, you know what happens … and before the echo of that statement died, Rosey shouted “PUSS ‘N BOOTS!!!”

    So CLBC now has a name.

    Pretty sure “Boots” is without a home. I peeked outside late the other night, um, just to check on the weather, mind you, NOT to see if Boots was out there… and she was, dining on some kibble I discarded…

    (I toss far out onto the grass uneaten food lest Sylvester and Adrienne (racoons who live out back) make a habit of coming…[Read more]

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    • This story is so sweet indeed 🙂 same questions as Ana, is Boots family now with Jerry and Ninja and you two yet?

    • I hadn’t heard! You all OK?

      • And yes, she moved in a week ago. Jerrie is terrified of her, but may be getting her courage back, Ninja is trying to make friends but get hisses in return. Boots originally kept to her corner where ther is a box she hides in, but now she has emerged and wanders about. Right now she’s right behind me on the couch, peforming hygeine.

        Things have almost calmed down, but the “settling in” period hasn’t ended yet.

  • Nooooooo! Go AWAY you cute little black cat with white paws and throat! GO BACK HOME! We don\’t want a third one!

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    Well, I was going to watch a movie on DVD that would have just pushed me over the edge and into a melancholic fugue, so scratch that. So, in anticipation of reading the Lord of the Rings on Sept 22nd (Bilbo and Frodo\’s birthday), methinks I\’ll read something… perhaps the Silmarillion… and/or Unfinished Tales…

  • …and… SHE\’S A SAINT!!!!!! :happy: :cheers: :alleluia: :happynun:

  • Good Morning! I\’m up and watching the Mass of Canonization of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta! It\’s begun. I\’ll be watching and won\’t be chatting on here much…
    … :hi:

  • I can\’t post in the EWTN Fans Group (where the Live EWTN Feed for the US and other streams are); the Facebook social plugin doesn\’t seem to work. I had hoped to (if was able to get up in time) watch Mother Teresa\’s canonization with others here.

    I\’ll watch it on my regular TV, and maybe still login here to see who\’s around..

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    • Will see what’s up with the plugin. Seems to be an issue after the migration. Will find a fix

    • I can’t post anything now from EWTN in Awestruck( like Paul Sofranko) and I don’t use FB. I was able to do that before in our previous server oh well I guess I will have to adapt lol 🙂 Thank you Norm, you and the Awestruck. TV team do so much for all of us, Thank you very much and God bless you all 🙂

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