Practical Distributism

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    Christopher Schaefer - "@sr-mariana Welcome back, @sr-mariana AND @thomase !"View
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    Rochelle Brown - "Please pray for this baby, and for the family. Also, please pray for the driver and his family."View
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    Cris Riego de Dios - "@nanaland Have a great birthday!!!"View
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    Norm - "My wife is a guest speaker at this conference underway in Rome at the moment"View
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    Paul Sofranko - "Sorry, but it’s been over a month since i last was here. Certain reasons I won’t get into but mostly illness. On December 18th I was hospitalized from the ER with a staph infection in my bloodstream (from an […]"View
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    Joseph A Feiccabrino Jr - "Please pray for the parishioners and their neighbors of Saint Rita Catholic Church in Nederland, Colorado. This is the church which I work at as Director of Religious Education, and youth ministry. 1,000 […]"View
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    Ernest - "Happy Easter everyone! :godbless:"View
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