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  • @eileen33 God Bless you, Eileen. Sorry in late reply. PC playing up, among other poor excuses Anyhow, please have a holy and peaceful Advent, and a;lllthe Best and God’sBlessings on you for our Glorious feast of the Nativity of Jesus, Cheers Bob

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    • Hi Bob! It’s so nice to hear from you. It’s a chilly rainy evening here right now, nearing winter time in my neck of the woods. Brrrr. All the best to you and God’s blessings as well to my friend from down under!

  • @fishyman Howdy Drew, Nice to be friends with y ou, hope you don’t mind being pals with a mad trombone player who loves dixieland, Chicago, Noo Orlins etc. Been an Aestruck member not long, haven’t done much will try todo a bit more. What’s cookin? God Bless , Cheers Bob

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    @barbmcg Howdy Barbara, Thank you foryou kind thought. Haven’t done much on Awestruck or anywhere, Windows Live Mail giving PC a bit of curry. Trying to give up some small thing for advent TV doesn’t count, as there’s nothing much to watch, only eat when I’m hungry, don,t drink, or smoke, just have to say more prayers, Thanks again Barbara, God Bless, all the Best Season Greetings, Robert.

    • G’day Barbara, thanks for rapid reply, great start for my day..Wish that Smiley was me.Looks like a cloudy day, a spell from the blinkin’ heat wave.I live near the edge of a mountain,o’erlooking the Gold Coast & the Pacific. Can’t see them, hope it’s fog, not polution.I pray for Awestruck souls, ‘specially my friends, & now ‘specially you daily, Barbara, God Bless, take it easy, Bob

      • Norm replied 2 years ago

        You’re so far away but in a beautiful spot! Bob, can I help you change your profile name to Bob?

      • ‘dy Norm.Thanks for smoke signal. Please call me anything, but late for dinner(joke) Hope all going well in SA>Just cost me $120.00 to have PC fixed including putting profile photo in this site, and others. I’ll have a go at it myself. Heat unbearable, good offering for Advent.Had HD tuned into my TV, installed by the bloke who delivers my grog. Don’t touch it myself(I’m a Pioneer of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Total Abstainence, signed the Pledge) but I get it to return favours to friends who drive me round, give me nice food, occasionally visit. tv with HD marvellous. Much cookin’ your neck of the woods? I suppose US politics are enough to make us look on in amazement, what more entertainment could we want? Norm, please have a peaceful Advent, preparing for the Great Feast Day in two and a bit weeks, the Coming of Our Lord Jesus, Christmas Day. God Bless, all the best Seasons Greetings, Bob(repeatBob)

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    @anastpaul Ana, I missed at end of line five of my missive, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Cheere Bob

  • randreasj@bigpond.com wrote on Deleted User's Wall 2 years ago

    @anastpaul God Bless, Ana, It’s only me again, my new mobile activating away, and 87% recharged. Am sure you’ll enjoy new home, that’s the way I’d like it, if I was there. Got a phone call from one our Marian Valley friends, sayig one of our lady friends Marjorie, a great worker at Marian Valley, a close friend od Daphne was dying at her Nursing Home. Immediately dropped everything, did my friend who phoned the news. It’s so very, very sad to see your old friends passing like this, especially when they’re such tremendous people. Tried to raise Daphne re this sad news, but she must have been off to sleep.Thanks for sharing this sad news with us, Ana, God Bless you and yours, take it easy, Bob

  • @angelhope12 Howdy Patricia, Thank you for being my friend. I saw your name liking a beautiful Post recently, Our Lady gave me a shove to be friends with Patricia. Re your Post on st.Pro, I was on a Pilgrimage in Mexico with a group from US, to participate in the Celebration of Feast Days of The Immaculate Conception of Our Blessed Mother, and the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Both theseHoly days very memorable occasions. Among all of our Pilgrim activities, we said a Holy Rosary at sit of St.Pro, execution. I believe fairly often a Crucifix is erected there, it’s always removed, probably the authorities.
    Nice to have you as a friend, Patricia, do you know fif there are mant Australians members of Awestruck. God Bless you, your new friend Bob

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    • Hello Bob thank you so much for your lovely response and so sorry for my tardiness. I work at a Catholic school and I take care of the kindergartners after school so I have been very busy. I love my job because I get to do arts and crafts projects with them and they keep me in shape.

    • I don’t know if there anymore members from Australia here. You could check the groups website. I am from California. That’s really beautiful that you got a chance to visit the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe and to see the spot were St. Pro died as a martyr, that is a wonderful blessing. I’m trying to plan a trip to the Basilica Guadalupe myself during Holy Week. I hope to do this but I’m going to have some financial challenges along the way but I need to have faith. I’m grateful to have you as a friend and keep me in your prayers as I will pray for you and all of awestruck too.

      • Patricia.Thank you for your email. My brother passes away i2001, and left some finance enabling me to join the Pilgrimage from US to Guadalupe, which was one of the best things I have done in my life.We ha dthree priests with us, and it was all well organised. We stayed at the Lark Hotel, which was pretty good, the food mainly US style, no Mexican food. The churches, Basilicas and chapels we visited were all incredibly beautiful, especially the places where Our Lady’s Miracles. Some of the churches we visited , either for Holy Mass, or just for prayers had incorrupt bodies of Saints
        The Basilica of Our Lady of Guardalupe, is really beautiful, as well the old Basilica. We were there for Our Lady’s Feast Day, and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. The number of people attending these almost un believable.
        Whatever you do, watch the drinking water situation. The Mexicans stomachs, over a long period have adjusted to the quality of the water, but ourselves, being accustomed to good clean water, cannot tolerate this stuff. You’ve probably heard of “montezuma’s Revenge”, a stomach upset, by which one’s tummy turns to water. Well, i succumbed to this, and only for the good fortune of an American lady in our group, who had some strong stuff, I would have missed…[Read more]

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    @anastpaul Dear Ana, Am heck’s own job getting eacrd to send you for your birthday. As I have to go to concert shortly please accept this means as a Happy Birthday.Dear Ana, Please have a Holy and Very Happy in yourself, and with your countless friends, beautiful Birthday food, and a little sip of Champers, in full enjoyment.Daphne and myself also many many many more Happy Birthdays Love and Best and Kindest Wishes from your New Friends Robert and Daphne. May the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the Victorious Bleeding Wounds and the Tears of Our Blessed Mother Mary pour abundant Blessings and Graces upon you and yours. XXXX

    • ‘day, Ana, What a beautiful reply. Just got back friends drove me to and fro concert. Concert great, especially trombone solo , lady violinist playing Beethoven concerto, and the orchestra’s lead flute,(lady), absolutely dreamy! Hearing trombone has inspired me to do a bit more practice.Ana, have a great Feast Day, can’t wait to get to Marian Valley. Got a couple of images, just have to find out how to put one in my profile. God’s Blessings upon you Ana, Cheers Bob

    • ‘day Ana, Ta for email. Unable to get to Marian Valley, severe headache with Menieure’s Syndrome. couldn’t afford to be sick at Mass. Will have Holy Masses arrange next Sunday. Had a visit from Brother Luke, a former Monk at Marian Valley, now stationed in Order of St.Paul the First Hermit in Sydney,, he is up here for a few days. A great friend, we used to get up to all kinds of mischief(only kidding). Played hot trombone solo at Orchestra rehearsal tonight, conductor thanked me, it must have been OK. God Bless you and Cheers from your fr Bobiend, Ana, ( still battling with cell phone and photo).

    • Howdy Ana, and God Bless you. Thanks for going to trouble to look up syndrome to mwhich I’m to which subjected. It affects in ear, causing headaches and balance, and a general feeling of sickness. No cure, just bomb one’s self with Valium(only 5 mgram) and sleep it off. Happy for you, meeting old friend, especially on your birthday!, Sounds like you had a great birthday, congrats!. Looking forward to telling her more about my new Catholic email friend(you!). Hope US ceases abortion and blastphemy, apparantly, the sins which offend Our Lord greatly. I don.t want to be judging people, but the saying Oh my G-d in my humble opinion, is a total misuse of Our Lord’s Holy Name. Emoticons great, certainly add some spice to your great emails, not that they need any! God Bless you, Ana, best wishes you and yours from Bob, and Daphne, in her absence.

    • ‘day Ana, much thanks for yourapid reply.Am such a fortunate soul, to have a friend who not only writes trmendous stuff, bu gives early replies. Thanks to your instigating my joining Awestruck, now have a collection of international superb friends. I met Paul Sofranco the other day, to whom I told my woeful tale of smokes and grog. He seemed impressed, have suggested this stuff might others. Saw Daphne today, who loved your greeting to herself, and she asked me to return Best Wished tou yourself. Just finished a heap of Chaplets, Rosaries, and released 50,000 souls from Purgatory, per St.Gertrude’s Prayer.
      Off to practise trombone now(labour of love). Ana, how do you do emoticons again, pls. The only ones on my computer are yours! God Bless and Best wishes you and yours, your happy awestruck frienBob

    • God Bless, Ana.Thanks for your Holy and interesting email.DA DA!I’m getting another phone, a Samsung(not new) but a bigger than my present one, $100.00. So I’ll get that pic to you, yet. Will work on Smileys,(there’s so much to do, this lot, keeping up prayers, make woodwork bench for orchestra conducter, keep up close contact to dear wife, preventing trombone from sounfing like foghorn, it all keeps me young, I nearly hours I spend on computer, especially, rereading your emails heaps of times My Russian friend( not a Catholic, but is sympathic to my views, nice man), picking me up to make deal.God Bless again, Ana, Kindest wishes for your Catholic Awestruck friend, Bob

  • @jesspinosa Jess ,s o happy to have you as my friend. To have a friend who creates such swish stuff and almost dominates the net with same is quite something! Thanks for Rosary, will be at Marian Valley Sunday, where I’ll be arranging Holy Masses for Ana, your good self my other friends at Awestruck, and all Awestruck members. Off to a big concert by Gold Coast Philamonic at ,of course, the Gold Coast tomorrow night, in which a friend of mine is playing a big solo for Trombone. Hope he plays it on trombone I sold him. Hopefully, can we look forward to some more Biblical dramas(pls)? Sudden leap in olive sales down here(backside of the world, and all of the universe!) Would your indepth precis on pizza/olive situation be a catylist for this? God Bless you, Jess,Ana, and all of Awestruckmembers,Bob

  • @sobercatholic Howdy Paul, Thanks for being my friend. Your email address so facinated me, I just had to be friends with you.. Would it bore you witless, if I commented on your email address pls? Please let me know. My friends all interesting people, I try to match them, failing miserably. Looking forward to hearing from you again. God Bless, your new friend, Robert

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    • I’m an alcoholic who’s been sober for nearly 14 1/2 years. I write a blog on my recovery and my Faith at http://sobercatholic.com. So, my email and username are just connected to the blog and my online avocation!

      Comment away!

      • God Bless you Paul. Before 1984 I was , I suppose,alcoholic, a geat supporter of the Sergeants’ Mess in Army reserve, which entailed consumptiuon of large amounts of beer(our beer 5%). No trouble to down 750 mil of vodka in a night, etc etc. Also smoked approx 60 Camels daily9 the only cigarette which has picture of manufacturer on the packet.
        When my first wife was being wheeled into surgery for cancer investigation, I said “Dear Lord, if she comes out of this alive, I’ll never smoke again”.Dawn did come out alive, be it that she did have cancer. I immediately tossed packet of Camels and lighter inte waste paper bin, never touched a smoke again, no cravings, no gain of weight etc. Went over to West Australia for our daughter to care for her. On New Years Eve 1984 she asked me not to drink again, so that night I had a New Year drink with my in-laws, Baileys Irish Cream, that was my last drink. In early 90’s I met a seminarian, whose mother(I think) was connected to the Association of the Pioneers Total Abstainance Society of Jesus, which title means what it says. An official of the Pioneers told me some time ago that numbers of members are dwindling. Thirtyone years without a drink, five pubs went broke, a brewery two closed. Hope this comment didn’t bore you too…[Read more]

        • Not boring at all! Inspiring!

          • Thanks Paul for your reply, hope you can relate my experience with weed, grog to another soul who may be a liker of these two, it may help. Best wishes , and God Bless, Bob

          • G’day Paul, wishing the Seasons Greetings, not too cold i hope.We’re in the middle of a heat wave over here(OZ).You’d think that the heat would make one miss the burn of a bitterly cold Fourex sliding down the throat, believe me pls, it doesn’t. Keep weel have agreat Christmas, Bob

            • Hi Bob! Sorry I haven’t been around to reply, but I’ve been ill. Rather than have you search for my recent Update detailing it, I’ll paste it here:

              “Sorry, but it’s been over a month since i last was here. Certain reasons I won’t get into but mostly illness. On December 18th I was hospitalized from the ER with a staph infection in my bloodstream (from an infected cut in my arm) which carried the infection to my heart and lungs. I have pneumonia, which might be lessening. The wound in the arm is healing from the operation done to take care of the infected cut. Septic emboli (use Google) were found in lungs and they also feared for the heart, but the ol’ ticker is fine.

              I was discharged from the hospital on Christmas Eve and have been home since. My wife is taking great care of me, giving me my antibiotics (via IV flush) and making certain I am taking my respiration meds (I was on a nebulizer several times a day for breathing, which is still a little difficult, now I’m just on an inhaler for that.

              I am expected to be home from work for at least six weeks (till mid-February.)

              As I said, breathing is difficult at times, but much better. I am mostly very fatigued (all I want to do is nap) and my vision is a little blurry. Mostly, but not always in the evenings. The…[Read more]

  • AnaSt.Paul, thanks for great email(.No offence meant, present company always excepted, especially Awestruck folk) “”shakeup” definitely wrong word to use in this context.What I meant was, no matter how good and holy we are, a little jolt like last Sunday’s readings are reminders, even to we true believers . Luke warms might wonder a bit , even plank in the eye people like me.hope this settles this monumental lapse on my part.If perchance you add a couple of milligrams after champaigne and birthday cake and other goodies on your birthday pls dont fret too much, if anyone has earned them, it’s you, Ana. You’ll soon pray them off.God Bless , Ana, and Cheers from Bob

  • randreasj@bigpond.com wrote on Deleted User's Wall 2 years ago

    @anastpaul Thanks Ana for invite, already say at least two Rosaries p/day, one for conversion a certain group of people, one for usual Catholic intentions, plus Divine Mercy Chaplet , Chaplet of Our Lady’s Tears , 50 St.Gertrude Prayers for Holy Souls, plus heap of other Consecrations, prayers etc. Please tell me what else I must do. Haven’t sorted out procedure for getting photo in profile yet. Nice to hear from you again, God Bless you, my friends at Awestruck, and all Awestruck Members, Bob

  • randreasj@bigpond.com wrote on Deleted User's Wall 2 years ago

    @barbmcg Howdy Barbara, ta fopr rapid responce to my email.I know about bossy women. My wife’s first marriage to a highly qualied engieer, Dday landing, Order of British Empire, etc, I think he wore the pants. Next one was a Chief Professor at a European University, whom she managed to rule, in spite of having meals dead on time every day He couldn’t drive, one she stopped the car in Middle od busy road, got out, and left him there, She Walked round the block,then came backand drove him home! She started Cerebral Palsy Organisation in England, raised family of six, one with cerebral palsy. One daughter insisted on Nuptial, her husband to be said his grand mother would never forgive him, if he married out of church. After wedding, both never went near a church again.I’m number three, managed to so far 26 years of happy marriage. Secret is, no arguments, no one wins, plus say the Daily Rosary together.God Bless, Bob

  • randreasj@bigpond.com wrote on Deleted User's Wall 2 years ago

    @barbmcg ‘day Barbara, What a lousy friend I turned out to be, haven’t you a smoke signal for a couple of days.Most dramatic that’s happened. I bought a mobile phone!!! Trouble is one has to be a Class 10 Engineer to operate same. TV engineer was here today(blinkin’ reception and DVD player acting up). He put sim card in for me I had it all upthe creek, took a photo of me to put on my profile, almost shattered the lens, so I’ll belay that one for a while! Your photo’s are marvellous, you must be(a) a trained photographer and (b) must have a camera that would make pro’s green with envy! Monk from Marian Vlley visited my wife today, he’s a great bloke. He leaves his car at Southport, and walks miles to Nursing home, then walks back. My Russian student turned up yesterday, with a great slab of Napolean cake(not bad!) So the cleaning lady, Leon and I had party, only young once. No orchestra tonight, just as well, trombone sounding like a foghorn! Looking forward to Feast Day on Sunday, those Monks will sure give it the treatment.Hope you and yours all well, God Bless all my friends at Awestruck all Awestruck members, Your tardy pal, Bob

  • randreasj@bigpond.com wrote on Deleted User's Wall 2 years, 1 month ago

    @anastpaul G’day Ana, Thank you for becoming one of my friends in Awestruck.Please believe me, having friends who are almost instantly available to talk to, share with, discuss etc etc sure takes away the lonliness in my set-up.I phoned your email toDaphne(my wife) and she was so pleased for me.Now, to do washing, trombone practice, wood workshop, apple for lunch, two hours prayer more trombone and so on to computer(Awestruck!).Cleaning lady comes tomorrow, Thank you Lord). Also euphonium student.I’m a pretty tough teacher, but he does the stuff I tell him to, one day he’ll blast me off the universe. It’s all good fun, I don’t charge him anything, he drives me to shopping, his wife sends me cake biscuits, very nice woman. If one does not keep going, keep legs going at this age group(86) one folds up, and becomes a burden on someone else(yuk). Am still celebrating for Trumpy, when will the dial a protester protesters wake up? God bless You, Ana, and my other friends, Barbara, Norm, Eileen, and all Awestruck members, Bob

  • @admin G’day Norm, Thank you for being my friend.Arn’t we so blessed to have good friends in this sheltered site, away from the madding mob, though we still pray for them all.Todays readings at Mass could more suitable, we’re so blessed to have these stern reminders to keep our prayers and love for our neighbours. Some years ago the Prior at Marian Valley at the time, that they should water down their homilies on these sublects. I replied to him(he was an excellent homilist)that his homily on these reading was enough to scare the tripe out of anyone! My point is, sincere, thinking Catholics are so Blessed to have shake-ups like these.Again, am grateful to have you as a friend on this fabulous site. God Bless everyone, especially Awestruck members, especially you, Norm, Barbara, Ana, and Eileen

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    • Ana, Thank you for your delicious comment.What a great start for the day(just got out of cot).The three best things i’ve done in my life are(a)being born(b)my second marriage, and (c) joining Awestruck.Awestruck has proved one thing to me( not criticising anyone) but practising Catholics are the NICEST people.Ana I assume that you dreamed up and created Awestruck. This being true, what a mighty achievement! Bet you are counting the seconds til Saturday Awestruck will be flooded with birthday greetings.God’s Blessings to all Awestruck members, especially my friends Ana, Norm, Barbara, Eileen, Cheers from Bob

    • Howdy Ana, Thank you so much for your top email. No doubt youmean every word you say, aye. My computer has never worked so well, since I started corresponding with you.Will have much pleasure in reading your words to Daphne(she is a real goer, believe me, dunno why she picked me).Ana, you ladies at Awestruck certainly have a mighty way with the vocab!By the way, Eileen sounds a bit chirpier now, hope her well-being continues .After finishing the washing, found a $20.00 note in bottom of machine, so will have Masses said for you, Norm, and Barbara as well, aye. Not much more, trombone sounded like a stovepipe, what’s new.Thanks again for memorable email Ana, God Bless you,Ana, Eileen, Barbara, Norm Patricia(whom I hope will be another friend), all Awestruck members, and all of us, Your sincere friend, Bob

    • Thanks Robert! Great presence you bring here from down under.

      • ‘day Norm, Ta for great email. One thing I boast about is my humility. Seriously, am so happy that anything I have sent had some impression, however small. Living on one’s own(not complaining) brings out a great urge to talk to someone, by what ever means.After my wife, Awestruck, and the friends I have met here, my Holy Catholic Faith, plus a few other activities have given me apretty full life, Thanks be to God!Amlooking forward to , after Holy Mass, checking out Anne-Marie’s friends. Thanks again for cheerful email, God Bless, Bob

    • Pleasure to meet you, Robert!

      • Sure is a great pleasure to meet you. Looking forward to havig some nice chats with, but I guess you’re pretty busy admining this happy mob( sorry about that, should have said happy group of Catholic charitable people) To have the group of friends I acquired in Awestruck is extremely satisfying, will try hard to fulfil my duty to keep in full touch with them ! Would you like to have me as a friend in Awestruck. Full name Robert Andreas, randreasj@bigpond.com

        • Well, I am not an admin. Just an everyday fellow Catholic who has the privilege of having Ana’s ear, as well as the friendship of Norm and the other awesome souls here. Friendship request has just been sent!

          • G’day Larry, Thank you for Email. Great to be friends with you.Including you in the Masses I’m having said for my friends as well as a Mass for all Awestruck members, at Marian Valley.It’ll be a big day there Christ the King feast, and a bit sad, closing the Year of Mercy doors.Orchestra practice tonight, among other I’m playing a hot trombone solo in jazzed up version of God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen, no worries, I,ll have Our Mother of Perpetual Help, and an army of Angels to help me out! Larry, i hope all the dissent Trumpy has copped over his win, place settled down a bit,we get all the news over, it all aint good.Nearly as bad in Oz.Well, off to a nice healthy breakfast, how boring, then a monumental heap of ironing.Not too bad, as I listen to Gounod’s Mass for St.Cecelia, and Haydn ‘s Mass on the computer. God Bless you Larry,, Marie and all my friends at Awestruck, Norm, Ana, Eileen, Barbara, thanks again for email, Bob

    • Ana, greetings to you and yours, all my friends and all Awestruck. lagging behind in keeping in touch with my friends. Major disaster, DVD player on TV playing up, reception up the creek. Fortunately TV technician able to fix. Off to see Mumma at Tricare Home tomorrow, she sounds pretty happy, things are just the same as on day one, isn’t that great! Having a Catholic marriage, and Shrine for Our Lady not too far away helps. Will miss Divine Mercy Year, I say Chaplet daily, and it’s regularly at Marian Valley. Marian Valley was packed last Sunday expecting the same coming Sunday. I know we’re to be very wary re proficies warnigs and such from seers mystics, etc, but a warning (supposed) from Our Lady to someone( received by a soul who receives locutions) suggest that, unless blastphemy, murde(abortion) and the like , great things are to happen by the Centenary of Fatima Miracle, 13 October 2017.People who have consecration to Our Lady, the Holy Rosary , Holy Mass haven’t anything to fear, but without locutions etc, I think things are going to be pretty rough. Best thing to do is live day to day, as Our Lady advises, and pray and don’t worry, as St.Pio of Petracina advises.My Russian friend visited me yesterday, he tells me some interestings One thing was about his…[Read more]

    • Howdy Ana, thank you for your great email. The first three lines of your email is what i meant, sorry for confusion i’ve causred..Now this Holy Year of Mercy is nearly over, should we now prepare for Year of Justice? I guess so. Have suggested to Daphne that she has Sacrament of Reconciliation each time he visits even venials. So nice to hear from you, Ana, you’re the first friend I.ve had to talk to on net, it’s a great experience. Got a new cell phone from Telstra yesterday, main reason to complete my profile, risking the integrity of computer. Young lady on bus on the wat home from Tricare took photo.New Prior at Marian Valley top bloke, gives rivetting homilies, after Mass, you really know you’ve been to Holy Mass. Sorateful for my Holy Faith, and to be a memeber of this Holy Catholic website. I pray that we are all prepared for the turmoil we Catholics are warned we are about to endure, fortunately, having the Support of Our Blessed Mother Mary, Divine Mercy Chaplets and Holy Rosaries. Also grateful for the work you, Norm and other Awestruck are carrying out to maintain this Holy website functioning in this wonderful way.God Bless my friend Ana Norm, all my other friends, and all Awestruck members, Bob

  • @eileen33 Howdy Eileen, How nice it is to have you as a friend. I said aChaplet of Divine Mercy for your intentions yesterday, hope you feel the benefits of it soon, which you will. Just back from Holy Mass at Marian Valley, Canungra( if you get some free time google it, you’ll love it).I promise to pray for you each day, as I do my other friends, Ana, Norm, Barbara. Hope you are well, God Bless and cheers from Bob

    • @robertandreasjohn Howdy to you, dear Robert! I can’t tell you how consoling this is to me to hear you say you will pray for me and my intentions… something I don’t take lightly nor for granted. Thank you truly, friend. Here I am this moment at 7:30 pm eastern time USA [northeast USA]. God bless! -ei

      • ‘Day Eileen, Thank you for beautiful geing my friend. I really hope that things are going a lot better for you now.Eileen, you are obviously a staunch member of Awestruck, I’m so happy to a member of this Holy, happy band.With friends like you, Ana, Norm, Barbara, what can go amiss?It is so beaut to switch on PC, and there’s a message from Awestruck waiting for me.Having some Masses said next Sunday including one for Awestruck members, and one for you.Thanks again, Eileen, God Bless you, Eileen, Ana, Norm, Barbara and all Awestruck members, Bob

        • Haha staunch I am!:) Thank you, I do feel more at peace these recent days, though I can’t promise that shall be me tomorrow, which is why I appreciate your prayers, friend in Christ.

          • G’day Eileen, Ta for great email. In spite of your recent downed spirits, you now sound like $1,000,000. Bet you’re even happier tomorrow.Found $20.00 note in washing machine, so will some more Masses said. Ifeel pretty good, so someone must be praying for me(someone at Awestruck?)Apart from mindblowing emails from you and Ana, pretty dull here, might go& play trombone in the street to liven things up a bit, trouble is, they’re mostly in my age group and couldn’t give a whatever! Eileen, please continue to improve, God Bless you Eileen, Ana Norm Barbara, Patricia(whom I hope to be another friend soon) Members of Awestruck, and all of us, Your true friend, Bob

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