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  • Rosemarie posted an update 1 day, 15 hours ago

    I would like to share that I am an unaffiliated voter. God’s Truth does not fit within a political category. “Politics” is very unpleasant to me.

  • Rosemarie posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Hi new members, there are no push notifications for mobile phones on here, just need to stop into site

  • Rosemarie posted an update in the group Group logo of México LindoMéxico Lindo 2 months ago

    Querido Padre,

    Cuida nuestros hermanos mexicanos que viajan a los Estados Unidos buscando una vida mejor.


  • Rosemarie posted an update 2 months ago

    Welcome new members!

  • Rosemarie posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hello friends, God bless.

  • Rosemarie posted an update 3 months ago

    Hi guys, wanted some ideas: The passage in the Bible where it says something like it would have been better if Judas would have never been born? This doesn’t seem like a Christian comment?

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    • it’s a very Christian comment–because Christ himself said it. 2 good explanations here: AND
      “Judas’ regret only intensified his sin and kept him focused inwardly on himself. He failed to repent by moving past himself and towards the love of God. Peter, on the other hand, who likewise regretted his denials of Christ wept bitterly, but then recalled Christ’s love for him and trusting in His mercy, repented.”
      Concept lost in recent years: all sin and God always extends mercy–but mercy/forgiveness require repentance, reforming/changing one’s life.

    • You’re right, but Christ speaks in so many parables, I’ve learned to try not so hard to understand, but take it on faith. My opinion is that Christ knew what Judas would do and how he would end it.. ??? maybe

      • Judas was the 13th Apostle, so he invited himself to be one of the 12. He tried too hard to be like Jesus, I think he was jealous. When Jesus said “the one who dips in the bitter herbs with me will betray me”. He was directly refering to Judas who was near him, sort of like saying “watch it”, keep your ego in check. This is my understanding of it. We ought to love, fear and obey Jesus, doing things His way. We ought not to envy ourselves to see who is the closest to Jesus. Here is a commentary I found:

  • Rosemarie posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Has anyone asked a father to be their spiritual director? I have been hesitating for a while because asking for this somehow seems not humble to me.

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    • Hi Rosemarie,
      It’s actually very humbling to know in your heart that you don’t have all the answers in living out your Catholic faith. Sometimes a spiritual director will challenge you to change some aspect of your life that you don’t think is a problem. That is also very humbling. That is the great benefit to having a spiritual director. They are hard to find these days unfortunately because priests are so busy running their parishes. Once you have one, it’s great because you can tell them of your daily struggles in living out the faith and as he gets to know you, can advise you in your situation. The great benefit is that you can have him as your confessor each time you go. I usually try to get together with mine almost every month. One word of advice though. If you don’t feel comfortable with him or feel he’s not connecting with you after 6 visits or so, don’t feel bad about moving on and trying to find another. Not every priest is meant to be a spiritual director. Sometimes it’s better if he is not from your parish, but from a nearby parish so you can be candid and honest with him. Anyway, hopefully if you get one, he turns out to be a great benefit to you. God Bless.

    • Not true!!!
      We ALL need guidance from…a Priest…I have personally asked and they are more than willing to set up time for you, one on one at the rectory. In fact, I think more priests would welcome it. Deb

  • @rogirl Hi Rosemarie,
    Hope things are well. I haven’t heard from you for a while. Keeping you in my prayers daily.

  • @rogirl How have you been these days?? Apologies for not seeing how you and your daughter are doing???

  • Rosemarie posted an update 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Happy Friday, Everyone!

  • Rosemarie posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    I watched this tonight, a young Muslim in France learns of Jesus and, as the movie goes on, converts to Christianity

  • Rosemarie posted an update 7 months, 1 week ago

    I would like to apologize for the insults of my country\’s leader. My brothers and sisters from around the world– these are not the sentiments of my family. I am angry and insulted myself.

  • Rosemarie posted an update 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    Just finished watching \”Vision\”, a German movie about Hildegard von Bingen. This whole time I was thinking she was a Saint; as I\’m writing this, I\’m thinking I just mistakenly assumed this. Now let me go check…

  • Rosemarie posted an update 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    Heading out to closest Mexican Bakery to find Rosca de Reyes. I will start my own family Epiphany tradition!

  • Rosemarie posted an update 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    Anybody been out enjoying the after-Christmas sales?

    • Yikes!!! I try to avoid stores as much as possible. I actually had pretty good luck with ordering all my gifts through Amazon… How about you??

      • I haven’t gotten comfortable with ordering online yet! We have exchanges so even though we host 28 guests– only have to buy 1 gift 😉

        • I used to be like that too. The only nuisance is that you start to get “recommendations” based on what you’ve purchased even if it wasn’t for you originally. It is pretty darned convenient though because I’ve never been much of a shopper.

          28 guests is very impressive!! You guys must have some great laughs when you all get together.

  • Rosemarie posted an update 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Happy New Year, everyone. I hope this is better than the last!

  • Rosemarie posted an update 8 months ago

    Fortunately for us, we have centralized leadership in Rome that has other ways of disseminating information to believers

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    • Assuming you don’t get the spin that has been coming out of Rome lately via the papal spokesman, Fr. Tom Rosica…

      • Hi Joe, I know things are not ideal. But the idea that we can go to Church on Sunday with everyone in the world celebrating the same Mass, is awesome! I was kind of meaning we are all connected–not like a Christian church that anyone with money can start!

  • Rosemarie posted an update 8 months ago

    Does anyone else fear the repeal of net neutrality in the US? To me it seems a way to prevent large/worldwide protest of government.

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