• Paul Sofranko posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    It is with some sadness that i was told by a member that Awestruck is closing (Quote: “ Closure:
    Short of a miracle, because of mounting costs, insufficient support and increasing spam attacks we are unfortunately going to have to close down in a few days time. It will be a sad day. ”

    For a variety of reasons I haven’t been here much the past couple of years but I do have many happy memories of Awe. I have met several people here, two of whom already are lifelong friends and I love them dearly. There are a few others that I hope to continue online friendships with on other social media venues.

    To that end, there *is* another Catholic social network; it was started just a few months ago (July 2018), so it is new and hasn’t reached 100 members yet. Word of mouth is slow going. It is ‘”RC Social,” and it is found here: It is structured like Twitter, rather than a full-fledged “Facebook-like” place such as Awestruck. It could make a suitable network for those of us whe desire a Catholic-centric place to hang out and share things. My username is “sobercatholic” and my profile is found here:

    If anyone wants my Facebook or profile info, kindly message me.