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    @anastpaul, thank you for the invite from Pinterest. I just found it in my inbox from last fall. Better late than never! I love this! Thank you and God bless all who are involved in Awestruck!

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    My wedding day is the best day in my life. The day our vocations were realized. The was more meaningful as we chose the readings, psalms, and songs. The Eucharist for the first time married in the company of the the Church was so incredible. We didn’t do some of the things in this blog but just thought this would be something that will excite some of you.

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  • Hi everyone my name is Theresa and I blog at Soul of a Carmelite.This morning Facebook deactivated my account because I wrote a complaint that they protect everyone but Catholics/Christians from hate speech and blasphemy against what we hold dear and they sent their message loud and clear.Ive seen awestruck on Pinterest a lot so I decided I\’d give it a try.Anyways I\’m 35 years old,live in denver,co(USA) and I\’m very passionate about my faith.Im a traditional catholic and pretty much fell in love with the Latin mass so I love meeting and learning from fellow Latin mass devotees.Im currently in formation to be a third order carmelite and I like to share what I\’m learning at soul of a Carmelite along with prayers,devotions and quotes from the saints!

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    • I find it fascinating that the fastest growing demographic of #Latin Mass devotees are young adults like yourself: mature enough to recognize transcendent beauty, to seek liturgy that focuses on worship of the ‘Holy Other’ rather than “self-affirmation”; yet not old enough to remember when the Latin Mass was the ONLY Roman Rite Mass–and usually was celebrated in a very cursory, hasty, mechanical manner. The century-long Liturgical Movement, 1st recognized by Pope St. Pius X, met with such resistance and made so little headway, that we had to lose everything to finally have our authentic tradition restored. My own pastor–a convert and former Episcopal priest–has made this same observation. Half the attendees at my Connecticut parish’s Sunday 9:30 AM Solemn High Tridentine Mass are young adults and families with children. (We also have the 1969 Novus Ordo, but celebrated in a way you won’t find elsewhere: people’s parts sung to Latin chant, Scripture readings chanted in English or Spanish–not read, Liturgy of the Eucharist celebrated at high altar ‘ad orientem’. Previous pastor REMOVED free-standing “table altar” c. 7 years ago & restored Communion rail.) Welcome! (I’ve not yet been kicked off Facebook–because I hardly use it.)

      • My wife & I drive 35 minutes every Sunday to attend Mass here. Some travel MUCH farther.

        • Yes when I first started going I lived an hour away.Actually going to this parish saved me from a spiritual depression because I thought what happened to the church my mom raised me in and I went all over our archdiocese looking for an Orthodox Church with devotions like holy hours,benediction etc etc…there were a few respect life holy hours here and there but no priest in sight at those either but what really disturbed me were the joke of sermons I heard and at the same time I’m reading sermons from St. John Vianney and Alphonsus Liguori and thinking…what the heck?The straw that broke the camels back though was I couldn’t make a thanksgiving after communion in the church,I had to go out to my car because it was so loud and the priests and deacons were the biggest offenders.I would leave church angry and disturbed which made me feel guilty so I finally decided to try the Latin mass and the best way to describe it is coming in from a war to a shelter!The sermons we hear coincidentally are very much like St. John Vianney or St Alphonsus Liguori…honestly if the FSSP moved I’d move with them….that’s how important it is for me and yes so many young people are coming in droves to our church that our pastor announced it will be necessary to add a 4th mass!Thanks be to…[Read more]

    • My pastor’s homilies/sermons often appear on this website (This is his homily for last Sunday):
      Fr. Cipolla obviously is not afraid to tread where most priests dare not!

      • Wow!!is he FSSP?Its funny how differant FSSP priests well Latin mass priests in general are compared to others isn’t it?They drive me to climb the mountain where others were content to let me die on the roadside!

      • No, he’s diocesan (Bridgeport, Connecticut diocese) and the parish is a regular diocesan parish. Shows what MOST parishes could do if they merely had the will to do so. (Cf. Matthew 17:20)

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